Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Race for Me: Run for Biodiversity

arriving the peak of Nopol Hill, covering half of 11 km route

I have been running for more than three years and what seems to be an on – off hobby becomes a regular daily habit that I simply wake up ahead of my alarm around 4am to have my 5 rounds in 30 minutes around 800m road tracks.

So, now that I had started my professional race in 3km last Labor Day, then, followed by my second race in 10km eco – trail from Leyson Ranch to Nopol Hill and back to the starting lane to end.

After having completed 2 races in just one month, I plan to join as many races as I could and pile all my race’s numbers for pride and posterity.

Running has its perks and not simply to look good but to lead a healthy and longer life. With this basic motivation, I am more than inspired to hit the running tracks for the rest of my life.



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