Sunday, May 22, 2011


with my sibling running for 3km race

at early morning with other racers preparing for the race start

It was in2008 when I first began my passion for running and while there were days that I was all overwhelmed by procrastination and pure laziness, I was quite compelled to continue my running even if it meant running alone.

So, whenever possible I run every morning for 5 rounds of 800m tracks along a local mall’s road trail, then, end my week with an hour of aero – ka – bo ( aerobics – karate- boxing) stances.

But, my professional running began when I joined my first fun run on Labor Day with my sibling where I only covered 3kms along city’s roads. Lucky me, the General Santos City Police Office and Bureau of Fire Management have been proactive with various advocacies that are normally complemented with a fun run for the public.

And, I practiced harder when I registered for the 10km mountain trail Race for Biodiversity from a local ranch to peak of Nopol Hill and down.

Running has become part of my day and while it is exhausting, I find it health beneficial and stress reliever. I can only wish that my family can run too with me.



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