Sunday, May 22, 2011


Make – up is a basic regimen for most women to boost personality and hide any sign of blemishes and aging. But, experts say that most make up if not properly assessed may only contribute to hurting our skin. Thus, buy only from trusted brands and select the most appropriate make – up with preferred substance to eliminate any allergy or skin counter – attacks.

Further, basic facial care regimen includes washing and removing of any make – up trace to eliminate any foreign substance on our face and other skin pollutants that may be the cause of pimples and blackheads on nose or forehead and cheeks.

So, while we can be all drained from day’s work, let it be our habit to thoroughly clean our skin with natural or commercial facial cleanser (or soap) and end with a moisturizer.

We can all use any foreign substance to eliminate or hide our facial blemishes and lapses, but, we can entirely prevent any serious facial problems if we simply keep a consistent and effect hygiene practices.



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