Saturday, May 28, 2011

Preparing for Parents Golden Wedding

Come June 15, 2011, the entire clan of Bucoy and Lim shall be merrier as my parents in law shall renew their wedding vows after 50 years of blissful marriage.

So, I was tasked to prepare the program, be the mass reader and one of the emcee’s in the reception dinner. Along with this, I have to prepare the bride’s bouquet which I still have to research about and practice on.

Almost everyone in the entourage is getting their wardrobes and accessories ready. I have to however find a good set of earrings like Black diamond earrings to complement my gold – inspired dress. I wonder if my mother in – law has one in her closet.

I just hope that I have enough time to get all the works done not to mention I still have inventory records to complete.



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