Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Protect Your Family: Spot Spoiled Food

I currently endure troubled stomach for three (3) days now after dining a ready - to - cook noodles that had been sitting in our refrigerator for two (2) days or so. And, since I assumed that the food was simply all right to take since it did have any physical sign of spoilage, I struggle now the consequence of total ignorance. So, the symptoms of stomach aches, loose vowel and fever only manifest an evident food poisoning.

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So, to protect ourselves and our family, we identify the foods that easily get spoiled. This is our short list:

  • fruits and veges
  • poultry and meat
  • dairy
  • food with mayo and tomato sauce
  • bread
  • nuts
  • milk
  • cooked noodles / pasta

It is then important that we read storage instructions for the food we buy and follow them strictly. Also, room temperature, sanitation and hygiene must be observed.

When foods change in physical appearance, smell, or taste, better dispose them easily. While it may be a waste to dispose left-overs, think of the potential health risks these spoiled food may cause you or your family.

As for me, I quite learned my lesson the most discomforting way.



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