Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to Enjoy Long Family Travels

We recently traveled over seven cities and endless counts of mountains and waters and the road trip was simply draining but as we enjoyed the sight. We could only wish we had some good binoculars from uncle mikes then, the trip could have been much lovelier.

However, the travel was without lapses that somehow made the trip fun. So, before you embark on long trips, you can try the following practical tips that will the travel more enjoyable.

  • Take necessary medications like for dizziness from mobility, so, you won't puke on anyone or anywhere;
  • Bring a handy camera just within your reach, so, you capture interesting moments of your family or culture of other cities;
  • If you need to bring your car, make sure that you have all the necessary documents to avoid travel issues;
  • Have a travel budget. Spend only on what you need and consider different options for efficiency;
  • Have fun!


Pit Stop #2: Bukidnon View

traveling with visiting family

on hill-top landing overlooking Bukidnon


Family Pit Stop: El Salvador City's Divine Mercy

with my kid and niece

the tallest Divine Mercy statue where locals and tourist venerate

family covering the the start of 200 steps to the statue

My finally and I had enjoyed the long vacation and to check on our store, the entire family traveled on the road covering various cities and towns just to have equal fun and adventure.

So, we managed to take a look of the renowned Divine Mercy of El Salvador City and the place was simply awesome and tourists and locals wear skirts and decent - looking attire.

In spite of the bad weather, we simply had great time


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Reunion on Golden Wedding Anniversary

We recently celebrated the wedding anniversary for 50 years of marriage for our parents and we can only be prouder and happier as the entire family, from the children and siblings to the grandchildren, prepared for the wedding celebration.

My husband – son had to be the photographer while I had to be the emcee and our kid played the role of ring bearer.

Since we reside in a very remote place, quite distant from the wedding venue, we just have to haul all our stuffs including gadgets, t shirts and other apparel, and toiletries among others.

In spite of the lapses during the celebration, the entire family can only be happier as families from our mother's and father's sides had come to celebrate with us.


Raise a Healthy Family

joining a fun run with my kid

Being healthy is a personal and family issue because when you don’t take care of yourself, it is normally you and your family who suffer a lot when you are stricken with illness, terminal or not.
Thus, medical experts say that to stay healthy is never an easy endeavor but it when one is healthy, it only says, savings on medical costs and living longer and fuller life.

So, to raise a healthy family, make it a habit to exercise regularly and to have a healthy lifestyle and diet. It can help a lot if you do the exercise together and be consistent about it otherwise, it shall be pointless to instruct your kids to be healthy when you are all lazy to do your load.


Gift Ideas on Father's Day

Various countries celebrate Father's Day and in the Philippines, we give tribute to our dear Fathers on June 19. And, whether we are of various nationality and religious beliefs, we can only acknowledge our fathers' efforts and hardships on their big day.

So, on this special day for our dads, we can think of different special stuffs to make them smile more. Try the following gift ideas:

  • body massage;
  • hair cut;
  • leather shoes or belt;
  • special dinner of his favorite cuisine;
  • vacation with mom;
  • gadgets like iphone 4 or laptop;
  • apparel;
  • vintage jewelry;

Irregardless of what we can give to our pops on their big day, the idea is, we can openly appreciate and recognize their presence as the best dads in the world.


Friends, Extended Family

with our goddaughter

My childhood friends have been my close buddies for years and through the time, we have experienced various stuffs from our individual lives including heartaches, births, deaths and other special occasions.

And, just recently, our other buddy has to work abroad leaving her kid to her parents, so, whenever I am in town, we manage to visit our goddaughter and just let her know, her godparents are just around for her.

As expected, our friend can only be happier seeing us with her kid.


How to Prepare for Your Wedding

Having married both in church and in court had me experienced blissful and distressing moments before, during and after the ceremony and I can only sum up the entire procedure as “stressful.”

So, if you want your wedding to be perfect, then, prepare well and with the right people. However, hiring a wedding planner to plan and coordinate with other concerned parties can be a big pain in the newlyweds’ pocket but it may save their sanity too.

However, if budget is in an issue, try the following practical tips:

  • Hire or delegate friends or family members on certain tasks like souvenir - invitation making or presentation designing;
  • Plan ahead at least 6 months to a year, so, options can be weighed in;
  • Prepare a check list of what to do and who to contact with and when to accomplish things;
  • Plan with the person – in-charge of the task and have fun as you and your groom settle on a plan;
  • Budget well for your wedding as reception meal normally brings out bigger costs;

As you do your wedding preparations, make sure that you capture each moment with your spouse and have fun while doing this.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help on Family Business

Since we started our business, I have been struggling with the business records and tax applications. And since in the early first year, the government gave us a leeway to manage and operate without the necessary papers, the succeeding months, however, required us to submit everything including the monthly tax payments and reports.

It is only a relief that there are third party services that offer help in filing a tax extension. Residents and business owners can still apply for tax extension form 2010 to avoid severe penalty and sanctions.

Whether we need to pay tax or not because of our business or personal revenues, still, we have to comply with government laws to avoid legal issues. I can only hope that this 2011 can be tax - hassle free.


Family on Frenzy

The grand wedding anniversary shall be on Wednesday and with all the preparations we put in for the invitation, ceremony, reception and other things, we still have to do a lot of stuffs.

For one, I still have to scout for my dress and my kid's pants, find a supplier for the entourage's flowers and prepare the program in the reception. I just hope I can find time to do everything before the big event.

With my new oral retainer, I just don't know how I can even do my Emcee works. sigh!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Vacation on Set

We are almost done with our one (1) month vacation and the vacation is set to be continued in our home place, General Santos City, for a few days. We are contemplating on whether taking a boat ride or simply coursing the route through land trips.

We wish to enjoy the trip and the recreational activities through the travel. We quite wish that we can place good thule bike racks to bring our bikes and other stuffs on board the family van.

We are only disheartened because the travel would mean going back to school and missing my husband's family leaving for Wisconsin. We only hope that we shall travel by land, so, we won't miss half of the fun heading home.


Boost Family Ties

In Bolong Beach, Zamboanga Sibugay

with husband

When my mom decided to relocate to another province, we have to miss seeing her everyday and our nephew, so, when we decided to take a short vacation, we opted to visit her through three hours of road travel. Good thing, our motor bike endured the long travel.

As my husband and I coursed through the travel, we simply managed to have fun and enjoy the travel. Further, when we reached my mom's place, the trip was even more worthwhile. We can only hope that we get to see soon again and that my husband and I can enjoy more trips together in the future.


Promote Family Oral Health Habits

I quite remember that I didn't smile a lot in school because my teeth were in poor state that as soon as I had my budget, I met an orthodontist and had my teeth cleaned, filled - up and braced. The regular visit to the dentist cost me a fortune but I quite believe that oral health means better health.

So, I am scheduled to have my lower braces removed, and just keep the retainer for good. As I waited for my appointment, I can't help notice the following GOLDEN RULES OF ORAL HEALTH:


When one has good oral habits, other health problems like heart disease can be remedied. Thus, we have to pay attention to our oral hygiene because it may mean lowering our health risks to major health disorders.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Protect Your Ankles

From all our strenuous or light daily works, we get to hurt ourselves especially our overly used feet and legs. And, since we can't afford to endure the strained feet, especially, the ankles, we can only find options to support our feet.

Usually, we twist our foot in an athletic event or an accident and the pain can be quite intolerable that we simply use a cold pack to reduce the ache, take pain killers or use ankle braces like Donjoy stabilizing ankle brace for convenience.

So, when you wish to go back to your old activities but just have to endure the pain,then, seek professional advice how to remedy ankle pains and discomfort because what seems to be an immaterial ankle discomfort may lead to a more serious health problem.


Reunion with Old Friends and Family

with my previous co - workers and friends on a lunch date

I have been staying in my old work city for over two weeks and I could not help but meet friends and family whom I miss for quite some time.

One of the reunions I was glad to attend to was the reunion with my co - workers and college dean in a simple but hearty lunch. We could not help but reminisce the old fun and keep posted with the latest updates.

It has been three years since I last saw my college dean and I could only hug her several times and wish that I could still see her again.