Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gift Ideas on Father's Day

Various countries celebrate Father's Day and in the Philippines, we give tribute to our dear Fathers on June 19. And, whether we are of various nationality and religious beliefs, we can only acknowledge our fathers' efforts and hardships on their big day.

So, on this special day for our dads, we can think of different special stuffs to make them smile more. Try the following gift ideas:

  • body massage;
  • hair cut;
  • leather shoes or belt;
  • special dinner of his favorite cuisine;
  • vacation with mom;
  • gadgets like iphone 4 or laptop;
  • apparel;
  • vintage jewelry;

Irregardless of what we can give to our pops on their big day, the idea is, we can openly appreciate and recognize their presence as the best dads in the world.



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