Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Prepare for Your Wedding

Having married both in church and in court had me experienced blissful and distressing moments before, during and after the ceremony and I can only sum up the entire procedure as “stressful.”

So, if you want your wedding to be perfect, then, prepare well and with the right people. However, hiring a wedding planner to plan and coordinate with other concerned parties can be a big pain in the newlyweds’ pocket but it may save their sanity too.

However, if budget is in an issue, try the following practical tips:

  • Hire or delegate friends or family members on certain tasks like souvenir - invitation making or presentation designing;
  • Plan ahead at least 6 months to a year, so, options can be weighed in;
  • Prepare a check list of what to do and who to contact with and when to accomplish things;
  • Plan with the person – in-charge of the task and have fun as you and your groom settle on a plan;
  • Budget well for your wedding as reception meal normally brings out bigger costs;

As you do your wedding preparations, make sure that you capture each moment with your spouse and have fun while doing this.



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