Friday, July 22, 2011

Tips to Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

Most people say that gold jewelry is a good investment not only because you can sell or pawn it in higher appraisal but also it lasts longer than its other counterparts.

So, if you were given and / or purchased gold jewelry like your wedding or engagement ring, necklace, your precious diamond bracelet or set of earrings, you can practically prolong their life by the following practical tips:

  • Never use your gold jewelry with harsh chemicals like your home bleaching detergents and alike;
  • Never use them while working on strenuous activity;
  • Clean them with lukewarm water and a pinch of baking soda or any gold jewelry cleaning solution;
  • Box them in a velvet or satin lining. If you have more than one jewelry, cover them separately with a soft tissue;
  • Use a soft - bristled toothbrush to clean them off.


Save Those Family Printed Photos

My kid had this usual assignments from school of some cut out pictures of his old and younger self and I can only endure the search since I only keep the soft copies but never really printed them. I guess being economical has its downsides too.

But, how do we save these precious photos? Basically, keeping them in a sturdy album with the quality covers to keep them from being exposed, rotten or torn.

More importantly, if occasions would call it, some pictures are normally used for presentation, and I can only complain.


Runner Mom and Kid

with my kid on one of the fun runs in Zamboanga City

The day that we have been waiting for has finally come. My first night run shall commence in few hours and I can only be both excited and anxious since the run shall be a different one from my usual morning fun runs also I have to run with my 9 - year old kid.

The run with him will quite slow me down but the quality time I shall have with him is worth the slack run.

This shall be my 7th run while my kid shall commence his 2nd fun run. The last though he had to endure a 2km race with the rest of the kids while I did my 5km. Tonight however shall be a run for 3km for the cause of Bantay Bata 163, an institution that attends to abandoned and abused kids.

So, good luck to us. I heard more than a hundred had registered.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Making a Wish List Important

Planning is not an exclusive task among professional or the big bosses to do. In fact, we can practically create our own wish list to keep us motivated and focused.

While wish may seem to be impossible to accomplish technically, we can quite distinguish if each wish is doable and realistic or not. For instance, realistic and doable wish may include having a brand new gadget like htc incredible s virgin among others. Close to impossible tasks may mean winning a grand prize from a number game. Categorizing them can help you set your efforts on acquiring the wish and have it realized. Further, set a time frame to accomplish the task; this shall make you more driven to have your dream wish done and over and well enjoyed.

Wishing makes us dream and do wonders; so, never stop believing.


Pit Stop # 4: Zipline at Fifth Mountain of B'Lakayo

my kid on his second zipline experience, still experiences the fear!!!

with cousins from Zamboanga City


Practical Tips to a Comfy Home

There is no other pleasure than having your very own place with loved ones to live with. But, a house is not simply a structure to stay away from sun or rain but can be a haven for rest, security and comfort.

To make your home as comfy as possible, you can try these practical tips:

  • Organize the layout of your furniture and fixture to allow a smooth mobility and ease;
  • Organize your stuffs according to priority. Make frequently used stuffs like slippers accessible while rarely used stuffs like old toys can be kept in the storage area for a sale or donation later;
  • Acquire pleasant – looking home decors like flowers, vases or personalized home stuffs like wall frames, window blinds or doormats. There are a lot of home ideas and tips from online sources.
  • Use home colors that can add tranquility like a cream or green or blue like waters to have a soothing effect.
  • More importantly, nothing beats a good time with loved ones, so, enjoy whenever everyone else is at home.
If you like this, you can bookmark this this.


How to Manage Your Family – Working Time

When both parents have to work, usually, the children are left to the custody of guardians, nannies and / or other 3rd party care. But, when parents have to attend to other social functions and recreations, it is not unlikely that they would want a time off from everything.

It is quite imperative that we manage our time well. Scheduling all our tasks and the time needed to attend the tasks can help us organized and focused. For instance, you can set a Sunday afternoon as get – together family time where you can have a visit to the park or a dinner with everyone else. You can take the Saturday morning for your usual exercise. Bond with friends in the afternoon and spend your weekdays with work load but an hour or two with kids and partner can get you all recharged.

While it may be too impossible to complete everything in a day, by setting our priorities clear and straight, we can equally do our tasks with quality time.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun Run for Mommy and More

with fellow teachers and students of STI - Gensan CIty

I shall be running again for my fifth race tomorrow and I can only be quite excited. It had become my passion to run for health and fun and I am however more happy lately since I have my family to join me in my exercise and now, colleagues from my school employer.

The run can be longer for them since they ran for 1.7km while I did my 5km. I shall be taking my usual length, however, I am scarce in my practice because of the heavy work and school load. I can only hope that I can still cover it with my usual speed.


Growing Old with Friends and Families

My old school days were never fun as I spent most of my time studying and dating. So, I missed joining any athletic event or social activities with friends to name a few.

But, when not – so nice things happen to you, you can only re – think of how you should lead your life and have a different perspective about self – respect and self – preservation and how you should have a life outside work and family circles.

So, I took an ultimate turn of my life when I started being active in sports like running and mountain climbing, joining parties with friends and families and extending help to less privileged people.

While the change was a total surprise to those who knew me before, somehow, the change improved my self – esteem and personal relationship with others including people outside my comfort zone.

I can only hope that as I grow old, I shall stay closer with friends and family as we sit on Adirondack chairs while gazing at the beauty of sunset.

Indeed, life is more beautiful if well – spent with friends and loved ones and communities you can help.


Tips to Finding the Right House Helper

When both parents are working, it is not usually unlikely that they hire a nanny or a house helper to the chores and attend to the kids.

We can find house helpers through family’s or friend’s referrals and this can be better since they may give first hand feedbacks on your potential house aid.

Further, you can find one from work agencies but make sure that these agencies are legally recognized, so, not to fall for scammers and syndicates who bait their nannies as spies and accomplices.

It is important that you do your personal check on your potential nanny, verify all the facts and interview well for his or her potential and limitations.
When the house helper is hired, remember to give her job functions and duties for smooth working condition.


Top Tips to Save

photo source: internet

Economic recession is still picking up and with the prices of basic commodities like energy and gasoline continue to pick up, we can think of ways to save. So, I pick up these practical tips to help us maximize our budget.

  1. Pay your credit card timely and to pay big, so, to avoid unwanted late charges or higher interest rates;
  2. Use free downloads for books, music, and other entertainment;
  3. Use free software like or for free SMS or calls;
  4. Make a list of must – buys before doing your groceries to avoid getting unwanted items;
  5. Beware of items on sale because they can tempt you quite well; and
  6. Make use of freebies like hotel toiletries or air promos wisely.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pit Stop#3: White Sand Beach @ Gumasa, Glan

When the family had their time to visit General Santos City, we were to show off the best places in the area, however, the weather was quite bad that we somehow had to enjoy the white fine sand but with all the sea trash on the shoreline. Good thing that we brought our swimwear, sun block and some cool nike sunglasses to boot.

The travel was quite far from the city proper but the hour's drive was all worth it when we had to enjoy the green scenery and open sea of Sarangani.

We stayed all night on the beach and spent the evening playing cards, dining and talks. We hit the sack when the night began to rain.

The morning, however, was a glory to behold and we could only want to be back and enjoy the waters again.


Fun at Work

Last Friday, my school - employer had organized a day of games and sharing. We had the mass of Holy Spirit in the morning to bless the new school year and what followed after the mass were fellowship events to bond with fellow teachers and personnel.

I had fun joining all the games and we could only laugh and work together, we can only hope that monthly, we can do similar events to relax and bond more.


Busy Family

We are finally back with our usual chores here in General Santos City after a few months of vacation and and endless walks to elsewhere. But, we quite missed the rest of the family who had to leave for US until we see them again in three years time.

My kid had to cope with his piled assignments and I had to endure my two weeks of absence. And, since I decided to resume my masteral, I have to spend my long Saturdays on out - of - town travel to and fro school just to attend my masteral class. Frankly, I could hardly breathe with all the works I have to do for business, schools and personal stuffs. Sigh!

I can only wish that my husband could be back again, so, he can help me out with the boutique.