Sunday, July 10, 2011

Growing Old with Friends and Families

My old school days were never fun as I spent most of my time studying and dating. So, I missed joining any athletic event or social activities with friends to name a few.

But, when not – so nice things happen to you, you can only re – think of how you should lead your life and have a different perspective about self – respect and self – preservation and how you should have a life outside work and family circles.

So, I took an ultimate turn of my life when I started being active in sports like running and mountain climbing, joining parties with friends and families and extending help to less privileged people.

While the change was a total surprise to those who knew me before, somehow, the change improved my self – esteem and personal relationship with others including people outside my comfort zone.

I can only hope that as I grow old, I shall stay closer with friends and family as we sit on Adirondack chairs while gazing at the beauty of sunset.

Indeed, life is more beautiful if well – spent with friends and loved ones and communities you can help.



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