Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Manage Your Family – Working Time

When both parents have to work, usually, the children are left to the custody of guardians, nannies and / or other 3rd party care. But, when parents have to attend to other social functions and recreations, it is not unlikely that they would want a time off from everything.

It is quite imperative that we manage our time well. Scheduling all our tasks and the time needed to attend the tasks can help us organized and focused. For instance, you can set a Sunday afternoon as get – together family time where you can have a visit to the park or a dinner with everyone else. You can take the Saturday morning for your usual exercise. Bond with friends in the afternoon and spend your weekdays with work load but an hour or two with kids and partner can get you all recharged.

While it may be too impossible to complete everything in a day, by setting our priorities clear and straight, we can equally do our tasks with quality time.



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