Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Service Needs a Makeover

with sibling on recreational vacation

With the business stocks to bring to, we can only appreciate that we have out family van and bikes to ride on but with their age and use, sometimes, they just get busted while on trip. So, we wish we can have them made - over and restore at least their original form. We wish we can have them repainted, install new lights  or change the seats and repair the air conditioning systems.

For now, we can only start saving should we want this make over to happen.


Pop's Birthday

Today is our father's birthday and the family can only be excited because my mom and nephew managed to be back in time for his birthday and my younger sibling had to travel back home to spend a few days with us.

We started the day with a morning beach swim and we will arrange other meals to prepare for dinner.

Good thing, I had completed my school requirements to make this day one free family time.


Back to Family Exercise

After a week of travel to another city and days of endless paper works and graduate studies’ requirements, I managed to drag my family again to morning running, inline blades and brisk walking. And since we arrived quite late in the morning when the morning sun seemed hot already, we just had to enjoy the half – hour exercise and back to our home. Good thing though that we had long weekend to do the rest of my teaching requirements simply because my time was too drained to do all works from home, business, blogs and graduate studies.
I can only hope that I can sustain my morning exercise otherwise I am back to being sluggish, fat and insecure and I can only be happier that I can bring my family with me to stay fit and healthy.


Friday, August 26, 2011

When You Miss Your Exercise

Because of the scheduled travel, piled works and unpredictable weathers, I have been skipping my morning jogs and aero – ka – bo. And, I can only be anxious because if the procrastination persists, then, I shall have every reason to miss future exercises.

But, what do you actually feel and do once you stop from your exercise? Normally, we start gaining weights rapidly because our diet does not change in spite of our lack or absence of physical activities.

Further, our self – esteem is relatively affected and we tend to become sluggish from a less – active lifestyle.

Gaining weights have medical and psychological adversities and we can resort to exercises, alternatives like fat burners or cosmetic surgeries. Regardless of the medium, we can only properly address our weight issues.

So, I can only hope that I can go back to my usual schedule and do my regular runs for better health and more confident me.


School Break for Us

co - teachers having a school break

School has finally rendered its school intrams and we can only be happier because it would mean a break from everything. However, I have graduate studies, business, test papers and grades and blogs to attend to.

But, in spite of the work load, I can only be glad with the free time.


Family Supports Graduate Studies

I have been draining my head and pockets to make ends meet and in spite of the teaching, blogging and business works, I decided to continue my graduate studies. But, with all the expenses, I can only have my finances in chaos.

So, I managed to muster my courage and seek help from family to support my schooling and in turn, I shall do the store’s computer programs. And, I had their immediate YES. So, I just have to find time to do the transition of sales and inventory procedures and try to acquire symbol barcode scanner for easy record keeping and updating.

Now that one of my financial burdens was addressed, I can only attend to other financial obligations and tasks among others and really do good to compensate the family’s goodwill.


Families Join Philippine Patriotic Celebrations

my kid on his manlalatik costume

with co - teachers in our tribal attire

We recently came from a school event where students along with their guardians and parents co – celebrated the “Linggo ng Wika” to give due recognition to the Filipino language.

Thus, the students wore different tribal costumes and had their tribal dances. My own kid from grade school had to perform a manglalatik dance where he and his classmates had to have body coconut shells as part of their costumes. We could be more proud as we saw them on the stage with their awkward moves and fancy costumes.

My very own collegiate school had also compelled us to wear our Filipiniana attire in celebration of the month’s national event.


Dengue Alert Tips for Everyone

Every rainy season, tropical countries like the Philippines have been facing mosquito – related illnesses like dengue.

This year alone we have an alarming rate of over 9000 cases of dengue – stricken individuals and worse, a good number died from this fatal illness. To this date, there is no solid and scientifically tested and proven treatment for dengue.

So, the Department of Health can only make a big bang campaign against dengue. The following are their Dengue Prevention Actions:

  • Remove stagnant water from plants, drums, drainage;
  • Keep the surrounding clean from trash;
  • Use mosquito repellant if to go to dengue hot spots;
  • Have a healthy diet for greater resistance to illness;
  • Wear light colored clothes like white or yellow and avoid black as mosquitoes get attracted to dark colors;
  • If your child has been having fever for three days, visit your physician for appropriate diagnosis and laboratory test.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips For Secured Future

Retirement age varies in different countries. In fact, there are some prevailing laws and cultures when people hit their retirement age. In the Philippines, when employees hit the age of 60, they are forced to leave their works and remain unemployed for most of the time. Unfortunately, those who would want to find jobs would have hardest time to get employed.

Thus, it is quite smart if employees can save for their retirement to make sure that once they hit their dreading old age, they have something to fall back to. It can be wiser to have investments on business, insurances, bank savings or even on stocks like hot medical penny stocks among others.

So, if you don't want that your future is dim and uncertain, act now and your future can be more assured.


Fun Bonding Time with Bloggers Family

dinner date with Balikbayan Gay from Thailand


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Learn to Relax

Stress is considered dangerous by medical experts because it is known to cause various illnesses including hypertension, sexual dysfunction, ulcers and cancer among others and we can only find ways to relieve this stress to stay healthy.

Relaxation is believed to bring down blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, regulates blood circulation and helps the heart. With all these benefits, relaxed people become more energized and focused among others.

Thus, others go for recreational activities or simply find time with friends for a drink or two, or have occasional smoking.

It is undeniable how relaxation can keep us tense - free, so, find an interesting recreation, take a walk or buy acid cigars or simply hang out with friends, we will have unmatched soothing effects.


Winning 1st Placer in Fun Run!!

too happy to see the finish line

with the rest of the 10km runners

I was determined to join every race possible and I have been doing that to stay fit and to relax. But, when I decided to take the 10km road run for a change, I knew I was going to hurdle a tough run. No wonder, only two (2) runners joined the race.

With 8 runners to traverse the long route with only one (1) water station, I was up for big risk. However, I conquered the race in 1.15 hours and finishing 1st place in the women's category and 4th place in men's category. So, I could only be happier and prouder.

I shall be practicing more and I can only conquer more fun runs.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running with our Family Pet

with my younger sibling, kiddo and our chow - chow dog, Asha

Finally, our family van has arrived from Zamboanga City and we could only worry a lot since it has been showing signs of dysfunction but glad that my husband had arrived home safe and sound.

So, among the many things we did when the family van had finally arrived, we brought it this morning in a local mall for our morning exercise. We managed to bring our chow - chow dog for her long overdue exercise. The last time she had to endure a kidney problem that we had to bring for veterinary therapy.

Good thing that there are now online medications for pet including mange treatment to attend to pet problems and needs.

Dogs among the many house pets can only need medical treatment and they too need special care and attention and this is only necessary since they are considered family extensions and their health is as equally important as anything else.

So, come next weekend, we shall bring our dog again for her regular exercise.


Top Reasons Why We Need Kids

with my sister and one of my favorite nieces

my kid with his cousin

It is undeniable what kids can bring to their elders. For one, they can bring joy no other materials can replace and while they sometimes can bring the house down with their wacky moves and deafening noise, we can only love them more.

My 9 - year old kiddo had been wanting to have a younger sibling but for so many reasons, I cant simply have another kid. Thus, we can only be glad that his other cousins are around him to play with.

While it can be quite an envy that friends and other loved ones have more than one kid, we can only be happier that we have our very own child to play with and pour our love and care on.

Kids are proven to bring us joy and warmth and with long and draining days from work, we can only felt recharged to see them and savor pure joy in spite of the mediocrity of their toys or their games with other playmates.

More importantly, they can be our very source of strength and companionship when we grow old. While they may choose to leave us for their own families, I guess seeing grow and lead a good life is motivation enough to be glad and blessed that we have kids.

I would want to have another kid and if I shall have one again, I can only be happier.


Mom and Kiddo Ran Away Again

Upcoming fun run this August 14 for a cause

with my kid in our first - ever night run

My kid shares my passion for running to stay fit and to help others through their noble causes. We ran together for the first time when we stayed in Zamboanga City for the organization of cancer - stricken children.

Our most recent escapade was a night run for the benefit of abused and abandoned children. He ran for 3km and in spite of our walk - and - run mode, he finished the race with pride.

I shall be running again this August 14 and attempt a 10 - km race. I am pretty sure, it will be one long and terrible race since the route is longer but I can only try and be determined as ever.