Friday, August 26, 2011

Dengue Alert Tips for Everyone

Every rainy season, tropical countries like the Philippines have been facing mosquito – related illnesses like dengue.

This year alone we have an alarming rate of over 9000 cases of dengue – stricken individuals and worse, a good number died from this fatal illness. To this date, there is no solid and scientifically tested and proven treatment for dengue.

So, the Department of Health can only make a big bang campaign against dengue. The following are their Dengue Prevention Actions:

  • Remove stagnant water from plants, drums, drainage;
  • Keep the surrounding clean from trash;
  • Use mosquito repellant if to go to dengue hot spots;
  • Have a healthy diet for greater resistance to illness;
  • Wear light colored clothes like white or yellow and avoid black as mosquitoes get attracted to dark colors;
  • If your child has been having fever for three days, visit your physician for appropriate diagnosis and laboratory test.



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