Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running with our Family Pet

with my younger sibling, kiddo and our chow - chow dog, Asha

Finally, our family van has arrived from Zamboanga City and we could only worry a lot since it has been showing signs of dysfunction but glad that my husband had arrived home safe and sound.

So, among the many things we did when the family van had finally arrived, we brought it this morning in a local mall for our morning exercise. We managed to bring our chow - chow dog for her long overdue exercise. The last time she had to endure a kidney problem that we had to bring for veterinary therapy.

Good thing that there are now online medications for pet including mange treatment to attend to pet problems and needs.

Dogs among the many house pets can only need medical treatment and they too need special care and attention and this is only necessary since they are considered family extensions and their health is as equally important as anything else.

So, come next weekend, we shall bring our dog again for her regular exercise.



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