Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top Reasons Why We Need Kids

with my sister and one of my favorite nieces

my kid with his cousin

It is undeniable what kids can bring to their elders. For one, they can bring joy no other materials can replace and while they sometimes can bring the house down with their wacky moves and deafening noise, we can only love them more.

My 9 - year old kiddo had been wanting to have a younger sibling but for so many reasons, I cant simply have another kid. Thus, we can only be glad that his other cousins are around him to play with.

While it can be quite an envy that friends and other loved ones have more than one kid, we can only be happier that we have our very own child to play with and pour our love and care on.

Kids are proven to bring us joy and warmth and with long and draining days from work, we can only felt recharged to see them and savor pure joy in spite of the mediocrity of their toys or their games with other playmates.

More importantly, they can be our very source of strength and companionship when we grow old. While they may choose to leave us for their own families, I guess seeing grow and lead a good life is motivation enough to be glad and blessed that we have kids.

I would want to have another kid and if I shall have one again, I can only be happier.



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