Friday, August 26, 2011

When You Miss Your Exercise

Because of the scheduled travel, piled works and unpredictable weathers, I have been skipping my morning jogs and aero – ka – bo. And, I can only be anxious because if the procrastination persists, then, I shall have every reason to miss future exercises.

But, what do you actually feel and do once you stop from your exercise? Normally, we start gaining weights rapidly because our diet does not change in spite of our lack or absence of physical activities.

Further, our self – esteem is relatively affected and we tend to become sluggish from a less – active lifestyle.

Gaining weights have medical and psychological adversities and we can resort to exercises, alternatives like fat burners or cosmetic surgeries. Regardless of the medium, we can only properly address our weight issues.

So, I can only hope that I can go back to my usual schedule and do my regular runs for better health and more confident me.



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