Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Time is Fun Time

I recently asked my students to join me in my passion for running and what seemed to be a class activity had become quite a fun as we endured more than 5km of run and walk.

In spite of the foot blisters, I had to endure more than 7km since I wanted to finish the run without any short cuts or cheats.

The activity sure had become a great success because of the orderly and systematic management from invitation to program just like if we use slider plugin where works can become much easier. I heard SlideDeck can be an easy portal to share ideas and with all the fun we had from the peace run, I shall utilize this application to invite more of my students in my running and advocacy.


Run for Peace


Sunday, September 25, 2011

House Adornments and More

I have been relocated and been staying with my parents' house for three (3) years now and simply have to travel to and from our very own place. While sharing a house with elders has its undeniable benefits, there can be days that I simply want my own privacy and space.

So, I can only hope that I can eventually find a new house with good furnitures and fixtures with appliances to boot.

But, for now, I can only work on other investments like jewelry including clear glass tile and wish that I can finally pool resources to have my own place.


Why Babies Got Diarrhea During Teething

My sister was originally set to see us today with her family but she just had to postpone the visit because her six (6) month old baby is having diarrhea. They had to bring my poor niece to her pediatrician for treatment.

But, why babies do actually have diarrhea around teething days. Experts say that teething has no connection at all with diarrhea but since this is the period where babies begin to crawl and try to touch practically anything and place it into their mouth, infection then occurs.

There are however various theories as to the causes of diarrhea and its relation to teething but in spite of these reasons, I must say, as parents, we just have to keep our place clean and to wash frequently the hands of our little ones for protection.


Family on Road Trip

My husband has been doing road trips across cities for several times through our family van and motorbikes. While I welcome the idea that he could enjoy the trip since it has been his passion to go touring, I could only be anxious for his safety.

It is then quite important that the vehicle is in perfect condition before he brings it for long distance otherwise he can quite compromised his safety. Good thing that there can be roadside assistance that anyone can just call should road emergencies occur.

He has been travelling for over 48 hours now and I can only pray that he will arrive safe and sound.


Tips to Prevent Foot Blisters from Running

I have been running every other day for at least 5km and while I am used to my beaten running sneakers, I just have to use my newly acquired shoes.

And, today, in my most recent over - 7km run, I had to endure foot blisters on both feet. I was quite tempted to stop from my peace run rally, however, I was to adamant to yield and to just proceed to the finish line.

So, how do we actually prevent from blisters from running. You can follow these practical tips:
  1. Wear dry and comfortable running socks; I had worn my usual socks and I could only complain;
  2. Remove any debris from your shoes;
  3. Use insoles if you must;
  4. Air dry your feet;
  5. Rest if you must;


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Running for Peace

running with my students

post - run dine

Today I had a great time because not only that I was able to my passion for running but I was able to run again for a cause and this time, a day for PEACE. While I was tasked to carry and to hand over the peace baton to the next station, I had great time running with my college students.

So, I can only hope our PEACE RUN shall really be realized as without development will never be sustainable.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Vehicles Need a Makeover

It has been a week since my last run through my motor bike and because its tires were all torn from age and use, I had to commute from home to the race tracks to do my long - overdue run.

I am still contemplating whether to have my driver's license renewed and the vehicles get their needed re- touch but I am quite worried of expenses. I have to check our budgets if expenses for vehicles can be fitted in. But, I know there is a auto estimating software that can be used to do the auto estimations just in case, I need to pool my resources and have our family vehicles done and made.

For now, I can only ask permission from our parents to set aside a budget for the repair and license, so, I can be back to my usual running schedules.


Reunion With Long - Departed Sibling

Our younger sibling had finally reached home after a three long months of training in Australia. And while it was expensive for her to travel from Manila to Gensan City and back, I guess missing her family was more important than her budget.

We were simply pretty excited to see and we could only be grateful that she is safe from the training and travel. Her freebies were cool too; I got myself a new Billabong wallet while the rest of the family have Australian shirts.

Now that she is back to Manila and back to her old work, we could only miss her again and hope to see her very soon.


Helping Family Learn

from the hand - drawn story board of my third - grader son

My kid had a school requirement where he had to deliver a story with all the props he could use. And, since his dad is in another city and I had no special creative skills, I could only pass on the project to his pop in spite of the geographical distance.

So, his daddy had made the hand drawings on the ANGRY BIRD Story I made. And, with a day’s difference from the date of storytelling submission, the drawings had arrived . I could only take delight and feel love as I saw the works of my husband for our kid.

My own son was grateful too to see the vibrant colors of the drawing and with the angry bird headdress I bought him to complement the story, he could only be happier.


Family Costumes and More

Soon, it shall be October and like any year, my kid’s school would ask its students for some cool fancy Halloween costumes to fill the day. I remember my son had to wear a good costume of potato French fries where he won 1st place. Of course, the costume can only be done by his creative dad.
I wonder if I can use some good adult halloween costumes to pair my son’s. We shall then scout for some nice costumes to make Halloween this year more fun.

I am pretty sure that other parents shall be sporting their cute and fancy Halloween costumes to boot!


Take Vigilance Against Neighborhood Crime

My sibling has been staying in a different neighborhood and since she sometimes has to walk through their streets, she could only bear the persisting anxiety as their neighborhood has been victim of riding – in – tandem motorbike who rob solitary walkers. Her household companions were robbed and the most brutal was the most recent when the other household had nothing to give, she was brutally attacked and beaten.

These were no isolated cases because other neighbors had similar experiences and since my sister was all fed up with this violence and abuse, she avertedly reported to a local broadcasting station for action and alert.

So, when the community can only cooperate and take collective action against local offenders, these offenders shall see prison quite soon.


Weekend Run with My Kiddo

photo source: GSC Philippine Police

It is Saturday and unlike typical Saturdays when I have to go another city for an hour’s travel to attend to my graduate studies, I had to wake up early and drag my little kid with me, so, he could run in his inline blades as I do my morning jogs and kickboxing.

I want to teach my kids the need and importance of healthy lifestyle with exercise as regular habit along with healthy diet. That way, he could grow up giving importance to clean and healthy living.

So, I took my usual five runs and half an hour of kickboxing to complete the body exercise while my son played with other kids on his inline blades. He could only brag that he took two ( 2 ) turns on 800 – meter tracks.

Good thing we had the exercise because come Sunday, I shall be in for a local fun run again. This time, the run is for the benefit of coastal clean – up. So, we can only take pride that we are living healthy and living for a good cause too.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Siblings on Resto Business

My younger sibling along with her partner have been wanting to start a business and since they both like to eat, bar hop among others, they wish they can start their own restaurant bar.

So, when a local resto bar decided to give up their space at very reasonable rate, they were pretty excited. They just have to get all the resources needed including financial capital, some restaurant supplies and employees and marketing promos, they will sure make the business succeed.

The restaurant business is big shift to what we are used to since we have been exposed to furniture and RTW industries. But, with right resources and people, I am pretty sure, this business will thrive successfully.

We simply can't wait to see the restaurant operating.


Family Running for a Cause

warm - up with my kid for Zamboanga City Run for Childhood Patients

Now that my graduate studies' requirements have taken a slow speed, I am enjoying my rest a bit and that means sleeping early and waking up for my morning runs.

So, during my class breaks, I run along a local mall road tracks and complete at least 5 lapses of almost 1km.

I have to practice now that there is an upcoming run in two weeks. I can only wish that my kid can run with me again. We shall be running for several noble causes and as long as schedules and able body will permit, we shall continue to have fun running.


New School Family

with co - teachers in school intramurals

I have been with different schools in the span of 13 years and while I don't blend much outside my department, somehow, the feeling of togetherness becomes visible when everyone else in the institution welcomes you.

So, now that I am on my second year with my present school employer, I say I am happier because my part time status allows me to have flexible time and the school management quite respect that.

While the school load, business, graduate studies, blogs among others fill my time, somehow, I can just make through especially in a welcoming environment. So, thank God for new friends and new family.