Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tips to Prevent Foot Blisters from Running

I have been running every other day for at least 5km and while I am used to my beaten running sneakers, I just have to use my newly acquired shoes.

And, today, in my most recent over - 7km run, I had to endure foot blisters on both feet. I was quite tempted to stop from my peace run rally, however, I was to adamant to yield and to just proceed to the finish line.

So, how do we actually prevent from blisters from running. You can follow these practical tips:
  1. Wear dry and comfortable running socks; I had worn my usual socks and I could only complain;
  2. Remove any debris from your shoes;
  3. Use insoles if you must;
  4. Air dry your feet;
  5. Rest if you must;



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