Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beauty Tips 101

Staying beautiful can be a challenge and a total challenge for most people that they have to go through cosmetic surgery for Hollywood - looking features.

But, staying beautiful requires simple regimen; Simply try the following:

  • have a clean face before sleeping especially if you are wearing make - up;
  • wear safe and anti - aging ingredients like dead sea minerals to help counter - act aging;
  • Have a regular facial and body cleaning, scrub or treatment monthly or quarterly depending on your need;
  • Don't use expired and beaten beauty items like old make - up or brush among others.


Smart Tips this Halloween Vacation

photo source: General Santos City Police Office, Facebook page

In the Philippines where we observe solemnly the day of our dead loved ones, we typically leave for the cemeteries, stay there for a couple of hours or sometimes sleep over leaving our houses empty.

But, while we observe the Day of our Dead and the long weekend, the bad elements pick the busy days as their opportunity to rob.

So, the Police Office of the Philippines gave out the tips above to observe while in observance of the Day of the Dead.


Fun Family Ice Skating

the entire gang, preparing our ice skating blades

with my kid, pushing me to move across

Part of our itinerary in Manila is to go ice skating, so, after doing some errands for the boutique, we had to head to Mall of Asia for a cold skating run.

But, I never really have a balance from blades, on and off the ice rink. So, with much difficulty from the ice, I could not move at all that my kid and partner would have to push and pull me to move across. I could only have couples of good laugh.

We had great time and will sure come back as soon as we can.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When You Need Your Family Auto

Gone were the days when automobiles were expensive; these days auto or automobiles can come cheap and if you are lucky, you can have a pre - owned car that is almost brand new at way too cheaper rate.

Having a family auto means independence from commuting, public intrusion, and traffic. While you have to put on a good investment on your auto, having one however is more important.

You can buy your auto cash, credit card or post - dated checks. Whichever is the medium, buying an auto is important but crucial.

So, if you wish to get a loan from the bank or somewhere else, then, you can try auto loan refinance for fast and easy financing.

We still have our family van, but, having my personal car means, getting more productive since I have to behave while off - house.


Milo Marathon: Helping Kids Have Shoes

road map for Milo Gensan Marathon 2011
photo source: from Milo website

Since I have been passionate helping others and running, I have registered myself and husband to the 2011 Milo Marathon covering 10km in Davao City.

The 2011 Milo Marathon is on its last stretch with Davao as the final leg. So, come October 30, the Gensan Milo Marathon will commence. I just have to wait for Nov. 6 to realize my wish of helping kids have shoes with the run registrations we all make.


Bringing My Family for a Bohol Vacation

with MIT graduate school classmates

Just last week, my MIT graduate class had required us for a educational trip in Cebu and Bohol. While Cebu offers the busy buzz of a big city, I quite enjoyed the scenic view of Bohol province.

One of the stops we made was the Chocolate Hills where we had our good assault hike to one of the tops.

With history, beauty and green, I wish to bring my family for a short vacation and enjoy the beauty that Bohol can offer.


Secure Your Family's Future

In the Philippines, retirement is compulsory among workers age 60 years old and whether they like it or not, they simply have to stop from working and stay at home.

Unfortunately, 1 out of 45 retirees does not have any retirement plans. Worse, they depend on their kin for support and living.

With this unfortunate reality, it is imperative that we secure our future. We can compare life insurance or check our local agencies for life insurances. Vigilance is however needed as a good number of scammed insurances proliferate online or offline.

So, if you want a brighter future ahead of you or your family's, plan now and secure your tomorrow.


How to Add Spark to Your Marriage

with my husband in one of my runs

In almost a decade of marriage, my husband and I have had our own share of ups and downs. It is not then unlikely that we get bored in the marriage and simply would want something else. So, instead of changing the other person, we simply try to support one another's hobby and accept it as a total package of our partner.

You can try the following personally exercised tips to make your marriage re-kindle the flame again:

1. Play together even it would mean running while your partner is on his motor bike following your slow pacing;

2. Dining in somewhere special on a random date just like what we do during dating;

3. Have a social life with your friends and other loved ones. Enclosing your marriage to the two of you can quite constrict your relationship. You both need personal space too to at least recharge.

4. Never stop making love, random or otherwise because that fosters intimacy and bondness;

5. Surprise your partner with his or her favorite thing like a sports MP3 if you are a runner.

6. Talk with openness and sincerity that way you both know where you are heading.


The MIT Graduate School Family

My professor from the MIT graduate school had required us for an educational tour in Cebu and Bohol. So, we were 24 in the trip and we sure had great time visiting tourist spots and tasted various native delicacies.

One of the pride of Cebu is the great Taoist Temple and since we were not required to take pictures inside the temple, we could only make use of any opportune time for picture taking.

The picture above was taken just a few steps from the temple and in spite of the noon heat, we sure had great smiles for a picture.


Wanting a Vacation Getaway Home

photo source:

I love traveling and with the number of times I have to leave my town to go somewhere else for business / pleasure or both, I simply wish I can have my own home somewhere else, so, the vacation can be quite comfortable. And, If I can be lucky, I wish to hold an European - inspired home with complementary furnitures and fixtures including claw foot bath tub to boot.

I wish I can have a house on highlands or around a beach.
For now, we can only endure staying in a hotel or a family member's house while we travel.


Family Travel Tips

photo source:

In a few hours, my entire family shall be off traveling to another city to visit my younger sibling. And, while we are used to traveling together, visiting a big city can be quite a challenge.

So, if you and your family are leaving for a trip, you may want to consider the following:

1. Travel lightly. Carrying too many luggages can be quite toilsome when you have to pack or unpack and carry them around. So, calculate your trip duration and identify what must be brought.
2. Carry a first aid just in case you have allergy attacks, insect bites, motion sickness among others.
3. Have an updated map or if you are traveling by land, a good Global Positioning System can quite help you.
4. Leave you home unto the hands of responsible attendant but if none, make sure that you have locked every room, turned off all appliances, and ask your kind neighbor to at least check whenever he can or if your lucky, you can inform your village guard of your absence.


Family Run in One Night Fun

photo source: Rey Billena, Gensan Sports Center

The old Anchor Range Drive is now named as Gensan Sports Center and what has been a golf - training center, it shall be a full sports haven for softball, spa, gym, camping and more.

So, come November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), the fully equipped sports center shall be opened for the general public.

And, to add sparks and spices to the grand opening, my most beloved night run shall be put to running tracks. So, invite all your friends and family to this one exciting night run. Singlet is inclusive in your registration.

For details, you can check out their RUN BADGE above.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Your Old Friends Marry Late

photo source:

My 38+ years old lady friend has recently announced the big news, she is getting married early next year. Staying single way past their 30's is something especially for ladies that sometimes, the society can be quite cruel on them and that somehow affected the ladies' self - esteem.

However, statistics show that more and more women are now career - oriented that marriage becomes a secondary option. So, you wont be quite surprised to see successful career women staying single but happy.

So, when your old friends decided to marry in spite of the late schedule, you can only help them prepare for their big day. So, work on the wedding ceremony, program, venue or church, reception, cake, souvenirs and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations among others.

I can only be hopeful that my friend will have a lovely marriage and love - filled - all - year round of togetherness.


My Family of Computer Science Teachers

Before the semestral break started, my direct supervisor in Computer Science Department had asked us for a lunch date.

While our number was small, the lunch date on big pizza was fun and alleviating. So, while waiting for our lunch, we managed to discuss some queries and issues.

My lunch date with them somehow reminded my closeness with my old colleagues.


Do the Exam Review with Your Kid

For a while it had been disheartening that my kid performed poorly in school, so, I manage to find time to help him with his assignments, and to make exam reviewers when they have major exams.

While our efforts may not contribute major impact on our kid's school performance, I guess, helping and working on his school works affect his emotional maturity and security among others. So, grab a book or two, surf online or download from YouTube some learning tutorials and work with him on his home works or exams.

There are indeed times that when we are too drained from work or house works, I guess finding time with our kids matters a lot to them.


Alarming Teenage Pregrancy Rates

My work as an instructor allowed me to deal and work with students of varying backgrounds, age, academic programs and I could only feel disheartened when I have to see my very own students getting pregnant unexpectedly.

In a national advertisement, 4 out 5 youngsters are involved in pre - marital sex and with this rate, it is not unlikely that 1 or 2 can be pregnant.

Teenage pregnancy among 12 - 19 years of age poses biological and social problems since the physical structures of young women are not as mature as women in their 20's or 30's.

This unwanted issue can be attributed to poor educational levels of youngsters, poverty, and other personal issues.

But, while different countries have different ways to help teenagers deal with early pregnancy, I say, I can only hope that they can make through. It is then crucial that adults can find ways to help and guide our young mothers and fathers.


When to Know if Your Kid is Bullied

My own kid has his personal share of being bullied and somehow, he would counter - attack to address the aggression thrown by classmates or playmates.

When our kids our bullied, if we are lucky, they would report the physical or verbal assault and we could at least find ways to help him through counseling and school conference with teacher/s and parents of the bully.

But, if our kids don't tell and speak out, we can watch out for these signs of being bullied:

1. They don't like school anymore;
2. They begin to withdraw from friends;
3. They get irritable, restless and anxious;
4. They resort to more eating or indoor solitary activities than playing with others;
5. They begin to become bully themselves.

It is quite important that we take action if we see signs that our kids are bullied because any verbal or physical assault can quite undermine our kids' self - esteem, social relationships and school performance.


Hiring a Family Member

I recently told my other sales attendant that I won't be renewing her for the upcoming month because of the bleak sales and her poor performance.

I quite expected so much from her since her resume is filled with working experience and her interview went well. However, her actual performance says otherwise.

With the bleak sales and need for trusted personnel, I have to hire my other sibling to help man the boutique.

Somehow, my sibling would help me managed the store records but I still wish I can acquire POS Hardware to make the purchases faster and inventory updated.

I hope with the last stretch of the year, sales shall improve to compensate for the slow months.


My New Family - Gensan Run Club

with the Gensan Run Club President Apollo Bautista, Dr. Rizaldy Nolasco, and Fernan Montemayor

Heading to the Finish Line under a very scourging sun

This is the newest community that I have joined, the Gensan Run Club where all running enthusiasts convene and run together.

Since I have been looking for running mates, the club serves its purpose not to mention that we get discounts and access to national and local runs.

So, in my first practice run with the club, I ran 11.16km along Barangay Sinawal natural terrain and I had indeed difficult time running because of the rough road, scourging heat, and pressing foot blister. But, I had great time that I asked them to invite me in their next run.


Bohol Pit Stop#2: Tarsier Conservatory

Tarsiers are known as nocturnal primate and while this little tarsier was sleeping, I was anxious it would jump on me.

I wish to bring one for the kids at home but since they are considered extinct, I could only wish to help preserve the cute cuddles.

So, one of the nice tourist hot spots you should go in Bohol is the Tarsier Conservatory that is for free viewing. There are a good number of stalls selling tarsier souvenirs and you can have your pictures on tarsier images too.

This is one stop I would never forget.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why Choose the Right Running Shoes

I am into running and mountain hiking for several years and I was quite ignorant that shoes are indeed unique to specific event. No wonder, I had to experience foot blisters, leg cramps, and slips among others.

So, I recently I purchased what I seemed to believe the perfect running shoes under Reebok. But, with runs I make with the new shoes, they only give much discomfort especially on long runs.

My Cebu travel however gave me a chance to visit a running store and I was totally caught by their running test equipment to see my feet. Voila, I had to know that I am flat - footed and I need stability shoes because of my foot abnormality.

So, when you buy new running shoes or simply any sports gear, equipment or parts like polaris sportsman parts among others, make sure that they are indeed your size and the best fit for total comfort, satisfaction and safety.

Any recreation must be fun and that should be our main aim.


Bohol Pit Stop#1: Chocolate Hills

on one of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Since we are in Cebu already, we decided to traverse to Bohol and experience the wonders of this beautiful province. And, who would not know the world renowned Chocolate Hills numbering to 1776 with perfect conical shape with only grassy greens.

This is one tourist spot worth visiting.


Travel Tip: Family Vacation Home Gifts

Part of the fun and difficulty of vacation is buying home gifts for loved ones. Depending on your culture, leaving for out - of - town travels may mean bringing extra budget for buying gifts or in Filipino dialect, "pasalubong," to friends, co - workers and loved ones.

So, what can you buy for home gifts, go try these gift ideas:

But, make sure that you don't go beyond your budget otherwise you shall be worrying of your expenses than enjoying giving gifts. Have fun shopping.


Cebu City Pit Stop #4: Kart Ride

Total crazy road experience at our Kart ride where we had to finish 5 lapses of tracks. Cool!


Cebu City Pit Stop#3: Crown Regency Towers Entertainment

We had great time at Crown Regency Towers for their 4D theater movie and if we wish, we could have tried of their Skywalk or the Edge Coaster where you would be flipped back and forth at 39th floor.

The 4D movie experience was cool since the seat is rocked depending on the movie scene with matching air and water effects.

The visuals were similar to 3D film but the experience was still unique. So, TWO THUMBS UP for 4D movie.


Wedding Tips

Nothing beats planning and control; This has been tested proven personally and by experts. And, if you are preparing for a school event, office function or a family occasion, the principles of planning and control still apply.

One of the most prepared occasion is the Wedding. So, if you are or your loved ones are into wedding ceremony. You shall be high deep in preparations.

These are the typical things you need to prepare for:

  1. dresses and tuxedos ( depending on your wedding preference);
  2. flowers;
  3. reception;
  4. wedding bands ;
  5. wedding songs;
  6. videography, pictures and documentations;
  7. invitations;
  8. souvenirs;
  9. cakes;
  10. program;
  11. church or venue;
So, with big or tight budget, just make sure that you have everything covered and that means listing everything and delegating the task to responsible person if you must.


Cebu City Pit Stop #2:

at Taoist Temple

The next tourist spot was the Toist Temple and the temple was a beauty. And, because of its sanctity, we have to observe extreme caution in picture taking, talking among others. But, we happened to have some nice shots of the temple. More importantly, I got to pray and to wish too, and thanks to Buddha, He gave his YES for my question and that would mean reviewing harder for my graduate school comprehensive exam


Pit Stop # 1: Magellan's Cross

During the course of my educational tour in Cebu as one of my requirements in the MIT graduate studies, we were brought to this legendary Magellan's Cross.

Our tour guide got interesting trivia facts and we could only be amazed. For one, majority of the population in Cebu City is Catholic. And, with the beauty of Cebu City, no wonder, it attracts domestic locals and foreigners to visit.

This is one city worth traveling to.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishing to Run till Older

In the national news earlier, I was happier to know that Guinness World of Record had proclaimed the oldest runner at age 100 who joined a full – length marathon. And, knowing this has inspired me more to continue running in spite of the constant tease of people around me and the early wake – up calls to jog.

But, running has more health benefits than social implications. For one, it reduces risks of cancer, hypertension, diabetes among others. Further, it is a good medium to detoxify oneself like drug detox center program from unwanted lifestyle habits including drugs.

So, I take pride from completing 10 fun runs in less than six months, won major running places in different distance categories, 3 years of regular practice runs. And, with all these efforts, I can only hope that I can sustain it until I grow 80.


Sibling Turns 18

As I type, we just have celebrated the 18th birthday of our youngest sibling. She previously asked for a more special celebration but since money has been a constraint since the family business failed, her elder siblings simply had to pitch in to celebrate her debut at home.

So, right after our final exams together, we headed home and welcome around 20 or so classmates and teachers. Some family friends and kin had joined us too. We only missed our mom who is in a remote place and missed her daughter’s birthday.

We pray and wish that our youngest sibling shall grow with wisdom and finesse and character for a lady.


Family Tour

We are closed to semestral break and that would mean educational tour for my graduate class, business trip and marathon elsewhere.

While these trips may seem luxurious for others, for me, they mean hard work and expenses too. So, I can only wish that I can finish all my works and requirements on time and pray that I shall find a way to pay all my financial obligations.

Since my other graduate school subjects are not offered this upcoming semester, I could only use my time to prepare for my comprehensive exam come summer and enjoy the second semester while I can. Somehow, that would mean more time for running, my kid, our family business, and blogging too.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Find Your Family Recreation

Playing together will quite boost bonding and openness and any family recreation is better than not having one.

So, you can play anything indoor or outdoor like playing basketball or soccer, exercising together in your favorite gym, playing WII with your siblings or parents, or simply head - to - head with chess boards or monopoly to name a few. Good thing that even online, there are sites that can be a good source of fun. For instance, you can check out online casinos like what you see below:

Provided by online casinos. For more tips about blackjack

With responsibility, respect and communication, a family recreation can be cultivated in the family. At least, you find time to sit down with your loved ones, talk and simply have fun. When technologies are sometimes blamed for stripping families apart, playing together can boost filial relationships.

More importantly, experts say that recreational activities can be a good means to eliminate stress. They scientifically associate stress to all - work - no - play activities. And, with regular means to detoxify or to remove stress, you have better chance of staying fit and healthy because you protect yourself from hypertension, diabetes, cancer among others.

So, grab your sister / brother, parent(s), aunt / uncle, or even your nieces and nephews and hit the road or click your PC's to try

online casinos and just have the fun that you well - deserved after long work.


New Family Member

the newborn with her older sister

My sister in - law had given birth to a beautiful girl and since all we have in the family are brood of boys with only girls, we can only be much happier with the new addition.

So, big cheers to the entire family. We can't wait to see you, baby Anahi.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Wish List for Holidays

In less than 100 days, Christmas holidays shall be around the corner and as early as September, we now list down what we can give and get for gifts to and fro friends and family.

So, I managed to get some ideas from the gang and see what we all like for holidays:


  1. iPhone
  2. motorbike jacket
  3. airsoft accessories
  1. sports watch
  2. pairs of running apparel
  3. sports mp3
  1. Eee Tablet
  2. wii game panel
  3. skating shoes

I can only hope that we can save enough for our wish list otherwise we can only grant only one wish and have the rest in the next holiday season.


SOX Bloggers @ New GenSan Resto

the new pride of General Santos City

paranomic view of Fire and Ice Grill & Steak Bar

My wife and I had great time with other SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS last October 10 at a new Fire and Ice Steak and Grill Bar just at the nook of Gensan Sports Center (formerly the Anchor Drive Range).

And, my family is quite into sports, we can only be excited when owner, Mr. Rey Billena, announced their plans of upgrading their facilities for softball, gym, camping, running and more. The grand opening of this much - awaited upgrade shall be on 11 - 11 - 11 with fun activities to boot.

So, if you want fun, go check out this new place!


Family Runs With Me

with my kid and nephew on our most recent fun run

Last October 8 before I head to another city for my usual graduate classes, I had to bring my family and nephew to run the 3km around the city in celebration for a parish feast.

So, while I am used to running more than 5km, I had to run the shorter distance, so, I can run with the boys.

I wish to cultivate a culture of fun exercise among my family and since my kid had his third race, I can only be prouder.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Student Gifts for their Beloved Teachers

Last October 5, the entire education systems of the world had taken a break to recognize the efforts and roles of educators. For one, the national Department of Education had launched a search for Mr. and Ms Educator 2011.

Among others, my school had a student - prepared program where our students had rendered songs, dances, and videos to honor their teachers. Further, we were showered with their STUDENT CHOICES AWARD where I bagged the Most Fashionable Teacher (Female Category). So, along with flowers, we received memorabilias, stainless steel necklaces and souvenir shirts or cakes to name a few.

Teaching is a very draining job and while it has one of the underpaid careers in the Philippines, most of us educators see the job as one of the noblest.


Philippines Celebrate World Teachers' Day

photo source:

October 5 is a big day for us teachers because the entire world gets to recognize our importance and efforts. Our school alone had rendered a program for the faculty and our students had prepared their tributes of dance, songs and gifts and we could only be warmed by their efforts.

Personally, teaching is never an ideal job. And, just like I posted on my Facebook status,

burdened with monstrous piles of test papers, draining lectures, mind - soul boggling fail - or- pass grades, erring students, countless blackmails and death threats, unsolicited parent reprimands, supervisor's memo's, demotivating school policies and way too cheap paychecks, TEACHING IS NEVER AN IDEAL JOB!!!But, when students say,"Thank you!" or when they recognize you after they graduate, or when they get you as their ninang or ninong, all the hard toils of teaching are vain with the appreciative smiles of parents and students whom you have touched in a very distinct way.

So, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all educators!


How to Handle Sibling Rivalry

I have only one kid and he is already nine (9) years old and since he is used to getting all our attention, it is not surprising that when our two - year - old niece from Wisconsin had arrived for a month's visit, my little boy get cranky as to why the little girl had to cling on me. Worse, he had to push the little girl from my lap or make the baby walk instead of me carrying his cousin.

Sibling rivalry happens when the kids think that their place of attention is already replaced by a newborn or other sibling or other kid. But, recognizing this tension can help you better handle your kids throwing the fit.

Thus, it is important that open communication with the kids happen before and during the arrival of the sibling. And, making the kid participate in activity with the new brother or sister can make him feel that he is still important. More importantly, do the usual activities with your kid, so, he won't blame the changes to the newborn.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Benefits of Working Student - Siblings

My younger sibling and I grew up in a family that is exposed in business. And, since we are not an elite family, we practically have to work to earn our keep. So, when I was younger, I would use to sell iced coconut juice, banana barbeque, candies and more. Then, I started working parttime to augment my school allowances.

My other sister had to join our father in our public transportation vehicle as the conductor and with that she had her own share of earnings too.

So, with these difficult but fulfilling experience, we know the value of money and hard work. Thus, we wish to teach this too to our much younger siblings, friends and kin.

Good thing, there are employment portals now for Food Service Assistant Jobs among others so applicants can search online and offline.

Earning is never easy but with the right perspective and motivation, working while studying or not can have its very rewarding perks and this can be quite relevant when our students finally graduate and land on their ideal jobs.


Employee Sister

with my younger sibling and my other former employee

Since I terminated my one employee and suspended the other one, I had no choice but to hire a new employee to replace the old ones. And, since I want to help my family too, I hired my younger sibling to act as the store supervisor while I attend to my other duties.

And since I compensate her, I can only make sure that she would do her duties. I just have to gather all my store records and have her work on them while they wait for customers.

With the last quarter, I can only wish that the sales can be better.


Fun Celebration with Blogger Friends

photo source: EZCapture @ Facebook

Last September 28, we had great time as one of my favorite blogger - friends had his big day. The party's theme was Hawaiian and with that we had to be on our floral dresses or tops or grass skirts if we had.

So, with dancing and singing and more dining, we sure had great fun with other fellow bloggers and with the photo booth pictures of our wacky stances, the fun was double.