Saturday, October 1, 2011

Benefits of Working Student - Siblings

My younger sibling and I grew up in a family that is exposed in business. And, since we are not an elite family, we practically have to work to earn our keep. So, when I was younger, I would use to sell iced coconut juice, banana barbeque, candies and more. Then, I started working parttime to augment my school allowances.

My other sister had to join our father in our public transportation vehicle as the conductor and with that she had her own share of earnings too.

So, with these difficult but fulfilling experience, we know the value of money and hard work. Thus, we wish to teach this too to our much younger siblings, friends and kin.

Good thing, there are employment portals now for Food Service Assistant Jobs among others so applicants can search online and offline.

Earning is never easy but with the right perspective and motivation, working while studying or not can have its very rewarding perks and this can be quite relevant when our students finally graduate and land on their ideal jobs.



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