Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Add Spark to Your Marriage

with my husband in one of my runs

In almost a decade of marriage, my husband and I have had our own share of ups and downs. It is not then unlikely that we get bored in the marriage and simply would want something else. So, instead of changing the other person, we simply try to support one another's hobby and accept it as a total package of our partner.

You can try the following personally exercised tips to make your marriage re-kindle the flame again:

1. Play together even it would mean running while your partner is on his motor bike following your slow pacing;

2. Dining in somewhere special on a random date just like what we do during dating;

3. Have a social life with your friends and other loved ones. Enclosing your marriage to the two of you can quite constrict your relationship. You both need personal space too to at least recharge.

4. Never stop making love, random or otherwise because that fosters intimacy and bondness;

5. Surprise your partner with his or her favorite thing like a sports MP3 if you are a runner.

6. Talk with openness and sincerity that way you both know where you are heading.



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