Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Handle Sibling Rivalry

I have only one kid and he is already nine (9) years old and since he is used to getting all our attention, it is not surprising that when our two - year - old niece from Wisconsin had arrived for a month's visit, my little boy get cranky as to why the little girl had to cling on me. Worse, he had to push the little girl from my lap or make the baby walk instead of me carrying his cousin.

Sibling rivalry happens when the kids think that their place of attention is already replaced by a newborn or other sibling or other kid. But, recognizing this tension can help you better handle your kids throwing the fit.

Thus, it is important that open communication with the kids happen before and during the arrival of the sibling. And, making the kid participate in activity with the new brother or sister can make him feel that he is still important. More importantly, do the usual activities with your kid, so, he won't blame the changes to the newborn.



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