Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Tips

Nothing beats planning and control; This has been tested proven personally and by experts. And, if you are preparing for a school event, office function or a family occasion, the principles of planning and control still apply.

One of the most prepared occasion is the Wedding. So, if you are or your loved ones are into wedding ceremony. You shall be high deep in preparations.

These are the typical things you need to prepare for:

  1. dresses and tuxedos ( depending on your wedding preference);
  2. flowers;
  3. reception;
  4. wedding bands ;
  5. wedding songs;
  6. videography, pictures and documentations;
  7. invitations;
  8. souvenirs;
  9. cakes;
  10. program;
  11. church or venue;
So, with big or tight budget, just make sure that you have everything covered and that means listing everything and delegating the task to responsible person if you must.



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