Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When to Know if Your Kid is Bullied

My own kid has his personal share of being bullied and somehow, he would counter - attack to address the aggression thrown by classmates or playmates.

When our kids our bullied, if we are lucky, they would report the physical or verbal assault and we could at least find ways to help him through counseling and school conference with teacher/s and parents of the bully.

But, if our kids don't tell and speak out, we can watch out for these signs of being bullied:

1. They don't like school anymore;
2. They begin to withdraw from friends;
3. They get irritable, restless and anxious;
4. They resort to more eating or indoor solitary activities than playing with others;
5. They begin to become bully themselves.

It is quite important that we take action if we see signs that our kids are bullied because any verbal or physical assault can quite undermine our kids' self - esteem, social relationships and school performance.



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