Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Your Old Friends Marry Late

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My 38+ years old lady friend has recently announced the big news, she is getting married early next year. Staying single way past their 30's is something especially for ladies that sometimes, the society can be quite cruel on them and that somehow affected the ladies' self - esteem.

However, statistics show that more and more women are now career - oriented that marriage becomes a secondary option. So, you wont be quite surprised to see successful career women staying single but happy.

So, when your old friends decided to marry in spite of the late schedule, you can only help them prepare for their big day. So, work on the wedding ceremony, program, venue or church, reception, cake, souvenirs and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations among others.

I can only be hopeful that my friend will have a lovely marriage and love - filled - all - year round of togetherness.



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