Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why Choose the Right Running Shoes

I am into running and mountain hiking for several years and I was quite ignorant that shoes are indeed unique to specific event. No wonder, I had to experience foot blisters, leg cramps, and slips among others.

So, I recently I purchased what I seemed to believe the perfect running shoes under Reebok. But, with runs I make with the new shoes, they only give much discomfort especially on long runs.

My Cebu travel however gave me a chance to visit a running store and I was totally caught by their running test equipment to see my feet. Voila, I had to know that I am flat - footed and I need stability shoes because of my foot abnormality.

So, when you buy new running shoes or simply any sports gear, equipment or parts like polaris sportsman parts among others, make sure that they are indeed your size and the best fit for total comfort, satisfaction and safety.

Any recreation must be fun and that should be our main aim.



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