Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishing to Run till Older

In the national news earlier, I was happier to know that Guinness World of Record had proclaimed the oldest runner at age 100 who joined a full – length marathon. And, knowing this has inspired me more to continue running in spite of the constant tease of people around me and the early wake – up calls to jog.

But, running has more health benefits than social implications. For one, it reduces risks of cancer, hypertension, diabetes among others. Further, it is a good medium to detoxify oneself like drug detox center program from unwanted lifestyle habits including drugs.

So, I take pride from completing 10 fun runs in less than six months, won major running places in different distance categories, 3 years of regular practice runs. And, with all these efforts, I can only hope that I can sustain it until I grow 80.



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