Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Boutique on POS!

Finally, after a long year of waiting of our Point - Of - Sale (POS) system, it has arrived our family boutique and we can only be much happier because the time is quite perfect since December is a good month for buying and selling.

The boutique shall be quite hopeful because the Point - Of - Sale system shall attend to customers who wish to use their credit or debit cards in purchasing our stocks.

While credit card or debit card can be quite handy for cashless shopping, it is not free from risk. Good thing that there are security options including rfid credit card to attend to these privacy and protection. threats.

So, as advised by experts, never give details of your debit or credit card online or offline especially to alarming persons or websites. Safeguard by all means your card because next thing you know it, your bill is simply monstrous from unsolicited purchases.


Merry Christmas My Dear Friends and Readers! myspace graphic comments
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Running Mom Online and Offline

the newly created website of Gensan Run Club

It is holiday break from school and as a teacher, we normally have two weeks from school and regular classes shall resume.

And, since I quite love running, I have to spend my break with fun runs and trail runs with blogging and surfing in between.

But, my passion led me to joining a running club and with a fun run on hold this coming General Santos City's Kalilangan, I personally volunteered to make a website for the club.

So, this mom has been very busy as a web developer and on Christmas Eve, I still had to update the blog.

I hope the website can help other runners and the wannabes to hit the road and continue running for better health and living.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Gift Ideas

In less than two weeks, Christmas shall be celebrated worldwide and while the Holy Family is the main focal point of Christmas, we can all enjoy and share the spirit of Christmas by remembering and appreciating our loved ones and friends through gift - giving activities.

And Christmas break is oftentimes longer for most countries particularly in the Philippines where schools enjoy as long as two (2) weeks of Christmas vacation. So, enjoy the break and avoid the shopping rush. If you are interested, consider the following gift ideas for family and friends:

1. toys for the kids and young - at - heart adult;
2. books including story books for kids or novels for the big ones;
3. gadgets like WII, iPad, sports MP3 among others;
4. goodies like home - baked cookies;
5. pop's favorites including fishing or other recreational stuffs from store's promos like best cigar deals
6. mom's handcrafts like knit apparel or bags;
7. service coupons like free foot massage or fashion makeover for your bff's or siblings.


Takbo Gensan: 2nd Solidarity Run 2011

photo source: GenSan City Police Office

Running has become a way of life for me and a continued advocacy for healthy living and as means to help others too.

So, this coming Saturday, December 17, 2011, join us in the last stretch of TAKBO GENSAN SERIES. With a minimal registration fee of 25.00 - 75.00 depending on your race category, you can enjoy the city scenery with fellow runners.

See you this Saturday and let us enjoy good life with healthy lifestyle!


Christmas At Home

with my work friends behind the tallest Christmas tree in a local plaza

Christmas is celebrated in different ways and while this is Christian event, some sects sometimes enjoy the holiday hype as they prepare their own festivities.

But, Christmas is quite unique among Filipinos because the holiday celebration starts as early as September and ends until early January. It is also an opportune time for reunions of loved ones and friends.

So, if you too are expecting your friends or family for the much awaited reunions, then, help make your home repair or decoration light and easy. Boost your pride with fancy holiday and home decors including undermount sinks and I am sure, your efforts shall be commended.

You can get some home - interior - design tips from print or online sources and if you are lucky, you can ask your BFF to help you make your home comfy for reunions! Have a happy holiday celebration everyone!


My Work Family

receiving our best awards for being an athlete, a longtime virgin, a low - potassium bearer, and a total angel

the Friday Group of STI, General Santos City

Working as parttime college professor in a local school has given me a chance to meet and to bond with other wacky teachers. They love party and fun, but most of all, they enjoy each other's company. And, when one is in distress, you bet, the rest of the group helps around.

So, in our recently concluded Christmas party, we had our gift - giving and awarding for being a crazy FG personality.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

It is definitely December and while other countries do not celebrate Christmas, they somehow celebrate other holiday festivities. In the Philippines where holiday season starts as early as September, we can only make of the long time to buy presents for loved ones.

So, if you are tight on your budget but need not to spoil the spirit of generosity this holiday season, you can try the following classy but practical gift ideas:

  1. Music collection of your loved ones' liking. You can download free music if you must but make sure that you don't violate any copyright law;
  2. Garden flowers from your friend's or neighbor's or from your own backyard. But, to add more color to your flowers, personally arranged them with ribbons and other highlights;
  3. Inexpensive but chic jewelry like baraka jewelry if your budget would allow it;
  4. Create fashion accessories from old buttons, ribbons, bracelets and other loose things you can combine;
  5. If you have a special talent like singing or drawing, you can create your own gift from this.
The ideas can be countless but with or without gifts, you can make your loved ones feel special with simple greetings, kiss, or a hug.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Mom Needs to Run

on my most recent trail run

I am way over 30 years old and while I was not at all athletic during college days, I was dragged to falling in love with running and climbing that I just have to join whenever I can.

So, I am grateful that my kid and husband support my passion that my husband has to tag along just to get our run pictures and my kid could always cheer.

But, why do I run in spite of my duties as teacher, programmer, entrepreneur, graduate school student, mom and wife? I could only cite these reasons: 1) HEALTH 2)FRIENDS 3)PASSION.

As I type, I am set to cover another trail run to one of the highest mountains in the locality. I could only hope that my legs won't drop dead since my family is all support of my passion.


Kids on Children's Run

with the little boys at home on their warm - up

Running has become my passion and obsession that I joined road runs, trail runs and local runs organized by various entities.

So, when a Run for the Kids was organized, we were only happier to let the kids join the even and did a 100m sprint run.

They finished last in their category but we highly stressed to them that doing their best and enjoying the game matters most. So, we went home delighted that they had sure fun with other kids.