Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Boutique on POS!

Finally, after a long year of waiting of our Point - Of - Sale (POS) system, it has arrived our family boutique and we can only be much happier because the time is quite perfect since December is a good month for buying and selling.

The boutique shall be quite hopeful because the Point - Of - Sale system shall attend to customers who wish to use their credit or debit cards in purchasing our stocks.

While credit card or debit card can be quite handy for cashless shopping, it is not free from risk. Good thing that there are security options including rfid credit card to attend to these privacy and protection. threats.

So, as advised by experts, never give details of your debit or credit card online or offline especially to alarming persons or websites. Safeguard by all means your card because next thing you know it, your bill is simply monstrous from unsolicited purchases.



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