Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Gift Ideas

In less than two weeks, Christmas shall be celebrated worldwide and while the Holy Family is the main focal point of Christmas, we can all enjoy and share the spirit of Christmas by remembering and appreciating our loved ones and friends through gift - giving activities.

And Christmas break is oftentimes longer for most countries particularly in the Philippines where schools enjoy as long as two (2) weeks of Christmas vacation. So, enjoy the break and avoid the shopping rush. If you are interested, consider the following gift ideas for family and friends:

1. toys for the kids and young - at - heart adult;
2. books including story books for kids or novels for the big ones;
3. gadgets like WII, iPad, sports MP3 among others;
4. goodies like home - baked cookies;
5. pop's favorites including fishing or other recreational stuffs from store's promos like best cigar deals
6. mom's handcrafts like knit apparel or bags;
7. service coupons like free foot massage or fashion makeover for your bff's or siblings.



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