Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

It is definitely December and while other countries do not celebrate Christmas, they somehow celebrate other holiday festivities. In the Philippines where holiday season starts as early as September, we can only make of the long time to buy presents for loved ones.

So, if you are tight on your budget but need not to spoil the spirit of generosity this holiday season, you can try the following classy but practical gift ideas:

  1. Music collection of your loved ones' liking. You can download free music if you must but make sure that you don't violate any copyright law;
  2. Garden flowers from your friend's or neighbor's or from your own backyard. But, to add more color to your flowers, personally arranged them with ribbons and other highlights;
  3. Inexpensive but chic jewelry like baraka jewelry if your budget would allow it;
  4. Create fashion accessories from old buttons, ribbons, bracelets and other loose things you can combine;
  5. If you have a special talent like singing or drawing, you can create your own gift from this.
The ideas can be countless but with or without gifts, you can make your loved ones feel special with simple greetings, kiss, or a hug.



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