Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Ideas for Families

Christmas holidays are just a few days away and what could delight us more than to search for the best gifts and wrap all these for our loved ones and friends. The thing is  we simply don't have any idea as to what to search, buy or wrap for each of our family member and friends.

It would be helpful if you know what interest your loved ones. You can check out their distinct hobbies and other likings and with these, you are ok to search for the best gift.

But, if you are somehow lost, you can check out the following gift ideas:

   1. books of literature or certain niche about your loved one's passion (e.g. running, gardening, traveling and more);
   2. all new set of jewelry ( if budget would allow it);
   3. fresh release of new perfume set;
   4. concert tickets to one of your loved one's favorite entertainer;
   5. service coupons to free massage, hair and nail spa and alike;
   6. novelty items like dvd replication;
   7. surprise dinner with your own cooking if skills would permit;

Remember that it is your thoughtfulness that would be remembered, so, happy gift giving!


How To Go To General Santos City

General Santos City is one young urbanized city in the South. And, who won't miss this beautiful city if you are lucky to bump to the city's home - grown champions from Manny Pacquiao, Shamcey Supsop to young talents, Showtime's XB Gensan and Youtube Random Girl Zendee.

But, how do you get to this lovely city? Depending on your place, you can travel by land, air or sea. If you shall be coming from Manila, the most convenient is by air through AirPhil and CebuPac.

If  you shall be coming from Mindanao, you can travel by bus through Davao City or Tacurong City where Yellow Bus or Holiday Bus hailed from Davao City or a Rural  Transit from Cagayan de Oro. A fare of around PHP 250.00 is ticketed on one - way route from Davao and around 700.00 from CDO.

Once you get to the GenSan's international airport, if your hotel doesn't provide free shuttle, you can hail a taxi (which is a flat rate of 300 - 400 depending on your destination) or for a backpacker, a multi - cab can be shared with other passengers at 50.00 each. You can move around GenSan using a trike at 8.00 - 10.00 fare.

One affordable accommodation is the Dolores Hotel situated next to the Public Market and is 1 tryke away to 4 major malls.

Should you like to check the white - pristene beaches of Glan, or go zipline in Conel, you can ask assistance through the city's tourism. For Glan resort, you can direct yourself to KCC Mall's  Terminal for van for hires to Glan. Around 100.00 is the individual fare. About 1 hour trip, you can practically enjoy the scenic trip to Glan and enjoy the long strips of beaches.

For zipline, You can check out Fifth Mountain's B'lakayo Facebook page, so, you can communicate with the zipline's owner or personnel and if travelling with a group, they can somehow arrange a vehicle for you.

There is also water tubing, trekking, diving, museum in Upper part of Sarangani and a trip through the vans for hire near Bulaong Terminal can transport you to various locations.

Should you need help, the city police and locals are very helpful. And while you are in GenSan, never miss the city's specialty of tuna, tilapia and other seafood at way cheap rates. So, have fun!


Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Have a Budget Travel

We wish to have a fun vacation but sometimes this can be dampened or even unthought of  especially if matters of budget are considered.

So, how can you have a budget travel? Let me suggest the following tips:

  1. Maximize the air promos in your desired destinations. Sometimes though that these promos are set to remote dates of travel, so, have a keen foresight as to when you can possibly travel;
  2. Assess all your accommodation packages. Check for low - rate hotels but make sure that safety and basic comfort is not at all compromised.
  3. Travel light, so, as you don't to pay extra for excess baggage or hail for a comfy but expensive transportation. But, if you so desire, then there are taxis or tampa limousine service for hire.  
  4. With light bags, you can practically ride on public transportation like buses, jeepneys, or trike for lesser fares. If travel on foot is possible, then, do this.
  5. Before you head out of your place, have a light load of snacks and hydration for a cheaper hydration session.  Stay clear from buying randomly.
  6. It would help you a lot if you can speak the local's dialect even for basic instructions but if not, then, a chat with the city officials or police can be quite helpful.
  7. Keep a handy load of local money and seed money through your cards just in case emergency expenses arrive. 


How To Go To Zamboanga City

When my family had to visit a new city, I was practically sleepless in the evenings and anxious what would happen to the entire course of our vacation should we stay for a couple of days in a new city with no one to assist us.

So, it is only proper that I start this "How - To - Go - To" section to assist whoever wants to visit the my beloved hometown.

Let us start with Zamboanga City. It is situated in Western Mindanao and the last city  in the western side of the country. You can practically head to this beautiful Latin City of the South through by land, sea or air.

2GoFerry from Zamboanga City to GenSan City

For years, Super Ferry (now 2GO) used to travel to GenSan City from Davao and Zamboanga City, however, this year, the sea trips have been canceled until further notice.

If coming from Zamboanga City Airport, you can hail a trike but they can be quite pricey, so, make sure that you contract the driver for a fixed rate. There are several cheap hotels and inns along the airport's block but you can always go the mid - city and stay at Perlita Hotel or Paradise Hotel at reasonable rates. They are accessible to most shopping centers of Zamboanga..

Enjoy a nice run around Pryce Memorial at Sinunuc
 There are ancient tourist destinations in Zamboanga City which includes the miraculous Fort Pilar. You can walk to this spot for a kilometer or less from the city.
Miraculous Fort Pilar

 After your prayer at Fort Pilar, stay until early ( or late) evening at Paseo del Mar and enjoy the sight of Sta Cruz Island and watch the Badjao natives as they sell their sea crafts or dive for your donated coins.

Night life is quite good in Zamboanga City, if you simply want a Karaoke - good dine place, there's a resto strip in Paseo del Mar or at Yubengco Mall in Guiwan.

If you have the luxury of time and budget, enjoy a free (almost) run or swim around the city's sports complex in Baliwasan. You can also do an island hopping to Sta Cruz Island for a minimal fee. You can coordinate with the city's Tourism Council.

So, before you head home, try their food delicacies. I personally love the city's buko pie at Antonio's and the crabs immersed in bagoong gata at Alavar's.

For more details, you can check out the city's website. Have fun in Zamboanga City!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Make Money From Handicrafts

Handicrafts   are creative works of  artists and any newbie who simply would  want to explore their creativity and make use of their time. And, because of the intricacies of details and manual labor on designing handicrafts, these stuffs can be quite pricey.  

Creating handicrafts can be for personal use or simply as gifts for loved ones and friends. But, you can be surprised that you too can create your own handicrafts and sell them to your friends and use social media and other online media.

With an investment on the beads, wires and other fashion accessory tools plus a little creativity, you are good to go.


Cross Training: Off - Road Mountain Biking

struggling uphill

with fellow Team Matutum bikers on 26+km route

my own hydration boost: coconut juice
I been wishing to join triathlon and I can only do that if I go serious training with my running, biking and swimming.   For now, I simply want to train for my marathon next year, and start with swimming lesson program this Summer.

The off - road biking earlier was around 27 km with only 2 km of sandy and rocky off - road biking. For a newbie, the off - road biking can quite cause me to be more anxious and worried. Well, I can only overcome my fear and stay balanced through the rough course.

So, how important is cross training to a runner and alike? Cross - training gives  you the varied flavor from the training program your pursuing. Running 4 -  5 times a week can be a draining and tough ordeal and having a cross train can deviate your mind from the fatigue and boredom of doing the same thing again and again.

You may have a cross - training in swimming, aerobics, yoga or basketball or soccer. The thing is, you just have to be recharged from your cross - training to keep your endurance, agility and spirit high.


Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Have a Safe Travel with Kids

We will be soon traveling across the country and abroad, and what can be a better post than some tips about travelling.

If you are bringing your own vehicle, then, it is a must that you check the condition of your vehicle. Consider the acronym BLOWBAGS for Battery, Light,  Oil, Water, Brakes, Airbag, Gas, Safety Signs So, with your vehicle  all set, then the rest of the tips below can make your travel comfy and fun.

  • Consider the weather where you are heading. Bring the necessary apparel for the weather at least one or two and if budget would suffice, then, you can buy more in your destination;
  • Bring all your travel documents like passport and visa. Photocopy these for your safety;
  • Leave behind unwanted valuables like jewelry, extra cash or extra credit cards; 
  • Bring only prescribed medicines with their prescription from physicians and if possible medicines should be in their original packaging;
  • Secure all your things and luggage.
  • Enjoy shopping for best buys and consider shopping taxes and shipment / handling;
  • Travel light  for easy mobility;
  • Consider the local customs and laws in the destination;
  • Have an itinerary in place and make a copy for your families at home;
 Fore more safety tips, check these related posts:

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Couple Recreation: Airsoft Group - GenSan Chapter

my partner in airsoft action

with fellow airsofters
Fun can be more especially if shared with loved ones may  it be indoor or as extreme as airsoft playing. The bb's hit can be quite tough especially for women but I guess playing as teammate goes beyond husband and wife.

So, when you like to foster more bonding to your marriage, share a recreation or two like going to the gym together or running, these and more can be quite effective.

If you like to join the ASG GenSan, find us in Facebook.


When Parents Influence Their Kids' Career or Education

Being in school allows me to  see various students pursuing their chosen course for different reasons and it is never rare to hear students or young graduates pursuing their chosen degree simply because their parents compel them.

While following the parents' chosen career seems to be the natural course of action, it is undeniable that some students simply are not apt for their parents' choice of education or career.

Consequently, students end up dropping their subjects or eventually not attending school for lack of interest. So, should you need to see your kids pursuing law, medicine or to see your kids in proud uniforms like in   nurse scrubs, make sure that they are intrinsically motivated, so, they can be more committed and be happier with their work.


Helping Your Kids Get Good Grades

While having parents who are intelligent make your kids get the edge, nurturing their skills can be quite tough. So, how can you practically help your kids do better in schools? 

Let me suggest the following:

  • Enroll your student in the right school where your kids’ distinct learning style can be appropriately addressed;
  • Help your kids with their school activities. You may not capable of doing these at all times but letting your kids know that you care would somehow personally motivate them;
  • Get extra help if needed;
  • Enforce a good learning habit to your kids like they have to do their homeworks first before playtime;
  • Limit the time given if exams are due in few days;
  • Motivate your  kids if they do well with the right rewards materially or not.

Remember that grades are not only the only measure of your kids’ IQ, so, if they get low scores, you know that there can be possible causes and knowing these can help your kids better.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips to New Mother

Finally, my  younger sibling is due to give birth in coming days and we could only be excited to see the new addition in the family only that we still have travel to see the little bugger.

Motherhood is a blessing and a total revelation simply because your character is put to test and your relationship with your family bonds more.

So, when you give birth, there are of course medical instructions that you need to follow. Having drained your energy in giving birth, a nice relaxing deep in a bathtub with  claw foot tub faucet   and lukewarm water with scents can be quite soothing.

Further, if you prefer breastfeeding, then right nutrition must be observed. In the Philippines, we let the new moms take soup for more milk.

If possible, spending time with your newborn can be quite rewarding. So, use the baby's sleep time for you to rest too and his / her wake time your up - time as well. This way, you get to share quality TLC.  


Making Up for Family Time

Second semester is finally up and running and I’m officially done with my graduate school. So, I could only be much relieved now that my own personal schooling is done. 

trail running 21km in Lake Sebu

Somehow, I could make up with the time lost with family  and store and with my personal recreations – running and biking. I could only hope that I can finish all my tasks before they pile more.
having fun with my partner - photographer

Naturally, I have all my free time – playing,  working for our store  and attending to my kiddo and partner.
So, what a liberation to enjoy! 

Happy days ahead, everyone.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Dia Espanol for the Kids

After months of graduate school and comprehensive exam reviews and actual tests, I can only be very excited and relieved that everything is over except that I am still anxious of the results to arrive next week.

My graduate school had consumed much of my time away from family and our store. So, I had to keep my store reports and audits  piled up as I work on computer programs, paper works, exams and more for school. Now that it is finally over, I could only feel liberated.

So, a day after my graduate school comprehensive exam, I was only excited to join my husband and kid in his school Spanish Day.

The venue was filled with students on their colorful Spanish costumes while parents and guardians were anxious of their kids' presentations.

I was however sleepy but when the Spanish songs filled the room and saw the kids performed made me appreciated the time I had with my family.

Each grade level had to perform various Spanish dances with matching music instruments including   cymbals   paired with their props of fans and alike.

But, apart from the song and dance presentations, the emcees and guests had to deliver their speech in Spanish. Isn't that cool?

performing Gangnam Style on Spanish Day
So, I am glad that I can spend more time with my family especially now that they have their semestral break before they would resume their classes on Monday.


Fun Family Halloween @ Cemetery Run

with my loved ones on a Halloween Run

Being a member of a running community,  I am only obliged to join hosting fun runs and  the latest was this Halloween  Fun Run held at a local cemetery.

So, to make the run more exciting, we were on witch costumes and the make - up of our Kreativ Family Salon beautician made the costume all real.

With more than 200 runners together with friends and families, the Halloween Run was all eerie but fun.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trail Run Escapade For Us

After several months of hibernating from store and run because of my graduate  school requirements and exams, I finally resumed with my running and so, I joined the trail run of my team along with the local runners of Tampakan and Koronadal City.

the trail runners conquering Tampakan mountains

The run was difficult as we ascended 750 meters above sea level over 3 kilometers. Then, the rest of the 17 kilometers were all stiff downhill. I had to brace my legs well, so, I won’t fall over the cliff.Good thing we have  rfid blocking   to secure our stuffs.

In the next weekend, more trail runs shall be conquered.


Family Halloween Fun Run

The local cemetery of General Santos City along with GenSan Run Club has initiated a Halloween fun run where categories include 1.6KM, 3KM and 5KM. And, unlike a typical  fun run, this Halloween race shall include hurdles of all tricks to make the run extra fun as they traverse the cemetery loops.

More importantly, to make the race extra special, runners in costumes shall avail of the prizes plus some raffle freebies for the lucky winners.

Who says visiting a grave can be that gloomy? See you in the race.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tips to Safe Driving

photo source: internet
Just recently, we had to endure the heavy traffic in the vicinity when a car slammed against the opposite lane and caught on top  of the creek and killed another driver.

As a newbie driver, I could only fear the most - road accidents and I could only be careful in my driving but I could only wish that other drivers can be as careful as well.

So, what do experts say about safe driving? Here's their list:

  1. Wear your safety belt and other protective gears esp for motorcyclists like helmet and pads.
  2. Stay within speed limits;
  3. Keep distance between you and the next vehicle;
  4. Be careful in intersections;
  5. Be careful with your blind sides when changing lanes and backing;
  6. Consider the weather and the condition it may to the road;
  7. Pay attention to road signs and traffic rules;
  8. Take care of your car. Fine tune it, fix it with the needed tools and accessories including  grippers, keep the gas filled, windshield clean among others;
  9. Never drive when you are drunk, in meds that may cause dizziness, in extreme emotions.
For more inputs, you may read this Driving techniques to avoid accidents and fines.


Invasion of Reality Talent Shows in the Philippines

As I type this post, I am watching the Grand Finals of X Factor Philippines from ABS CBN network, a reality talent show in search for the best talents in singing with jurors, Gary Valenciano, Charize, Pilita Corales and Martin Nievera.

Prior to Grand Finals of X Factor, the competing network TV 5 has launched its new season of Talentadong Pinoy, another show in search for various talents in singing, dancing, acting and alike.

These two are even complemented with the Protegee of GMA 5 and another string of talent shows that  fill the  big screen.

Well, what can I say? I am simply disappointed for obvious reasons. Well, I could not elaborate as the newly institutionalized Cybercrime Law.

These talent shows could seek out  hope from our various talents but for some it could be quite an ordeal. Well, I just hope that true talents are indeed discovered.


Post - Marathon Recovery Nutrition

Whether you run a marathon or simply a long run, it is highly important that you take the right food and recovery program to let your muscles heal from all the sore of running. Others may simple indulge in any food that they can take, or drink a beer or two, or simply prepare their own concoction   or indulge in a ice bath.

photo  source:

Experts suggest that we take the following nutrition after a marathon to replenish the lost energy and to avoid muscle soreness, cramping and fatigue:

  • Within 30 minutes after the race, drink instead a nutrition drink rather  than sports drinks for higher energy intake; Most marathoners suggest a chocolate drink can quite help.
  • After 60 - 90 minutes after the marathon, gobble up Greek Yogurt with Granola, Raspberries an blueberries to replenish your antioxidant reserves.
  • Continue taking in enough carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice and complement this with protein - rich food from veges or fish and meat;
  • Take potassium - rich food and juices like bananas and oranges to replenish lost electrolytes.
All these nutrition should be complemented with post - marathon easy runs for a month.


How to Eat and Drink After a Marathon for Best Recovery


Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

When the weather shifts abruptly, our body normally responds too. And most often than not, we either get the colds or flu or both.

hot tea; photo source:

So, while we take our prescribed medicines, it will soothe us well if we take natural remedies to complement or replace the medicines if possible. Here's the list:

  • Salt water or vinegar gargle with water. 3 - 4x a day of lukewarm water with salt or vinegar can ease that itchy sore throat.
  • Hot tea. To ease the congestion, a steam from hot tea will surely help.
  • Ginger hot drink. This serves the same effect of hot tea.
  • Vitamin C. Taking vitamin C can help prevent you from getting the cold virus but should you caught it, the cold duration can be at least reduced.
  • Body massage. For a more relaxed body, a nice body massage can help you rest well.
  • Bed rest.Your body to recover better must require due rest. So, free yourself from work or other stressful stuffs and doze well.
  • Liquid. Keep hydrated when you are sick. Keep your load of water or juice handy.

Some Effective Natural Cold and Flu Remedies


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can Classical Music Make Smarter Babies?

Have you ever tried playing some classical music while you were pregnant? The Mozart Effect of making the infant smarter if exposed to classical music is however unfounded says researchers at Appalachian State University.

While experts claim that music has indeed improved the test results of some college students at the University of California at Irvine in 1993 and in 1995, the music effect has lasted only 15 minutes.

The lead researcher of the Irvine Study asserts in a Forbes article that listening to classical music can indeed make baby smarter, however, it can prime the brain in answering mathematical problems.

Different kids may have various styles in learning. So, for one, letting the kids study while having a classical music on air can soothe them and make them concentrate on their work.

While this too can be contested too, I shall be seeking out classic songs  to help me focus on my graduate school reviews. Listening to music may not boost our babies' IQ but by doing so, we can open opportunities to them to like music or to feel calm.

 The Mozart effect: Classical music and your baby's brain
Experts Discuss Whether Mozart Really Does Make Babies Smarter


Practical Uses for Old Toothbrush

I came across this article use of old toothbrush and I could only agree more to the news. So, what can be actually done with old toothbrush?

I normally use old toothbrush to :

  1. clean the molds and and some stain on the tiles.
  2. Use it to clean the edges of the window frames.
  3. clean the slippers or shoes;
  4. clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and mild shampoo;
  5. brush the stains on the clothes;
  6. clean my hair brush;
  7. apply some adhesive on a surface;
  8. use for artwork;
  9. and more;
 You can be quite creative with your toothbrush, so, before  you throw your old thing, think of ways how you can recycle this little stuff.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zumba for Kids

zombatomic kids; photo  credits: Zhen Shen, Facebook

Zumba has fully invaded General Santos City as every gym has zumba session and the mall wars have used zumba as one of the media to promote social responsibility through healthy lifestyle among the Generals.

For other runners like me, I have used zumba  as part of my cross training. Not only that it has offered me that much needed holistic weight loss, it has improved or filled my lack of dancing skills.

And, while the parents have their zumba sessions, the kids can benefit from this dancing exercise through the ZUMBATOMIC  session with the city's zumba instructors.

So, for fun and worry - free exercise, I would normally wear only my workout apparel,  sterling silver jewelry  and a comfy training shoes.

If you too or your kid would like to lose weight, then, try zumba and your weight shall cut down tremendously in weeks.


Best Food for Good Sleeps

There could be times that sleep can be quite remote that you can't simply have enough of tossing on your bed. Can we blame bad food for a restless sleep? Yes, we can. So, the following are the food that you should take to boost that good zzzzzzz.

  1. rice
  2. oatmeal
  3. dairy products
  4. almonds
  5. peanuts
  6. whole grains
  7. banana
  8. honey
  9. herbal tea like camomile 
  10. avocado 
  11. eggs
  12. yogurt
  13. sesame seeds
  14. legumes
  15. soup and stews
 And make sure that you stay away from the following food that shall keep you alert: 

  1.    Spicy food  
  2.  Soy
  3. Tomato - based sauces
  4. Milk chocolate
  5. aged cheese
  6. processed food
  7. Ginseng tea

Sweet dreams: The right foods for a good night’s sleep

Five Foods for Better Sleep



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GangNam Dance Craze Invades the Philippines

The Filipinos quite love the Korean  series, then there's K-Pop Fashion and songs, and now the dannce craze GangNam moves from Korean rapper PSY. It is so hot that the music video in YouTube has reached 50 millions of views and counting. What is more is that even celebrities like Britney Spears have joined the crazed. So, it is not unusual to hear this GangNam song over the sound system, your presonus musicians friend playing the song and to see people doing the giddy - yap dance. So watch out this video clip from YouTube.


GenSan Mountain Bike Challenge Succeeds

the lady bikers

the crowd of other participants

my fellow running mate and my own partner in their fun ride category
Last September 9 was supposedly a day of running and biking. But newbie as I was in trail biking, I decided to  prioritize my graduate school review and just bid my friends and partner good luck as they coursed through 31km of off - road biking organized by the GS - MORBA.

Over 300 attendees from the city and neighboring towns and I could only grimace in horror to see bikers all bruised and bleeding from the race. Gosh! I  hope by the time I decided to join next year, I can finally have the courage to do the offroad downhills and narrow  roads.


Newfound - Family in Running

Beer Hydration after 21KM race

Running with my Pacer/td>

my running mates waiting for the 21km race gunstart
I have been running regularly for over a year now and if without classes, I join my running groups, Team Matutum and GenSan Run Club, in doing trail runs or long runs among others to exercise our passion. So, oftentimes, if there are fun runs, you would normally see us in group with all our fun grooves.

We may differ in stamina and speed but we have respect for one another and the goodwill among us matters most.

The last run however was quite a disappointment for some of  the 21km runners since they failed to hear the gunstart and announcement from an inadequate sound system for the 21km race. So, I had to see my running mates tailing the rest of the pack few minutes late.

We quite recommend then that run organizers shall use reliable sound and music equipment   for clear and audible announcements.

For now, we shall convene again for a swimming training for our desire to join triathlon.


When You Have Twins

with running mates - twins, James and Jan
I had an embarrassing time when I had to talk to someone whom I know has been running the long distance only to be corrected that he is the twin.

I am always fascinated with twins but I am sure having a twin can be quite disappointing too especially if society  marks labels and compares one over the other especially in performance and personality.

While twins share the same DNA, they still differ in their personality, preferences and even their fingerprints. And, while  others claim that twins share a common ESP, expert  Dr. Eileen Pearlman,  says otherwise.

 While having twins can be a delight to some parents, for others, having two babies or more at the same time can be quite a challenge. Thus, support groups or medical advice can be sought.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Do People Smoke?

Ever wonder  why you see smokers almost everywhere? Practically, people smoke various cigarettes from ordinary cigars to elegant ones including vanilla dutches. Experts say that smokers smoke for major reasons to include :

  • Peer Pressure. Your friends do smoke, so, it's only natural that you join them.
  • Social Pressure. Society gives a different notion that when you smoke, you emit an impression of maturity and economic boost;
  • Social Rewards. As you join a group of smokers, you feel their acceptance.
  • Stress Reliever. While pressure can be quite true among the teens, adults may resort to smoking to relieve stress from work, family or otherwise.
  • Parental influence.  Parents who smoke or have quit smoking may quite highly influence their kids to smoke too.
Government laws and advertising among others remain a contributing factor to alluring others to smoke. Thus, it is quite necessary that we are all aware of the health impacts of smoking.



Medicial Plants for Digestive System Ailments

1.       Guava or Bayabas
Decoction of bark and leaves are used for diarrhea.
Guava jelly is  also for constipation.

 2.       Papaya
Nearly every part of the papaya has strong medicinal properties that kill worms. The milky juice of the papaya contains papain, the seeds are rich in caricin, and the alkaloid carpaine found in the leaves all have the powerful ability to destroy and expel intestinal worms. It has been used throughout history as a useful laxative, analgesic and antibacterial, giving the papaya the ability to cure intestinal parasites.

3.       Sambong
Tea is used for colds and as an expectorant; likewise, has antispasmodic and antidiarrheal benefits and for stomach pains.

4.      Malunggay
Malunggay tea can prevent intestinal worms and helps ulcers.
5.        Banana
Bananas regulate the bowel system due to its richness in fiber.  Bananas help ulcer patients  because of its capability of fighting intestinal disorders. Eating a raw banana reduces irritation in the stomach and reduces the effect of over acidity.
6.       Acacia or Rain Tree
Root decoction used in hot baths for stomach cancer. Rain tree is a traditional remedy for colds, diarrhea, headache, intestinal ailments and stomach ache like diarrhea.
7.       Luya or Ginger
As digestive aid and for flatulence and tympanism, decoction of the rhizome drunk as tea.
8.       Chico
Decoction of the bark used for diarrhea and fever. Leaf decoction used for fever, hemorrhage, wounds and ulcers.
9.       Tuba Tuba
Roots are used in leprosy; decoction of leaves used as purgative and stomachic. Latex used on ulcers.

10.        Okra
Young pods for fevers, difficult urination and diarrhea and ulcer for its  significant gastroprotective effects.