Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GenSan Run Club Trail Runners Getting Bigger

photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
Alabel Eco - Trail Run
What started as two - pack eco - trail runners, the group now is getting bigger and from the most recent eco - trail run, we numbered as 18 with 3 lady runners.

The trail run has become a weekly habit and we aim to run on a progressive distance. The farthest distance was 22km and if we hope to achieve the full marathon distance this year.

With this new family of running enthusiasts, we wish to bond and run together. And, the GenSan Run Club has become active that we will be holding our First City Fun Run. I could only wish that organizers shall have their own official uniforms with matching lapel pins to boost.

So, if you want a diversion from the regular city run and want to experience the thrill of eco - trail running, come and join us. Enjoy the benefits of eco - running, mingle with local communities and add spice to your running training.



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