Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Augment Your Family Finances

While 2012 seems promising for most of us, still we feel the pressure of financial constraints that another day or night job seems appealing and more compelling.

But, we can somehow augment our finances through cutting off our unwanted expenses and / or finding ways to earn an extra living.

If you are holding a day time job and have an extra time to hold a part time work, then, you can try the following salary - augmenting works:

  • online jobs like writing articles, taking surveys, acting as virtual assistant;
  • call - center agents at your very own place or at your local call center agencies;
  • buying and selling of beauty products or online stuffs including Hats among others;
  • middlemen for friends who sell stuffs;
  • making money from your passion like cooking, wedding planning, photography, blogging.
Remember, we can always be hopeful that we can find ways to address our finances. A little imagination, and resources on hand, we can just increase our earnings.



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