Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Role of Music in Your Baby's Growth

When I first conceived my son, I simply had to read various articles on how we can practically raise a healthy, and smart kid. For one, we quite know that playing classical music from the works of Bach, Beethoven or Mozart can stimulate the brain cells of our newly born babies.

According to Diane Bales, Ph.D from mentions that music can't make our babies smarter but the unique music structure of classical music can improve our babies' spatial thinking and playing musical instrument with present technology  can further enhance other thinking skills.

While debates still persist whether the "Mozart Effect" is really true, we can encourage music inclination among our babies through the following:

  • play songs to your baby;
  • sing songs to and with your baby;
  • teach your kid at early age music lessons;
  • encourage schools to teach music.



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