Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Teach Your Kids to Love Reading

Reading is not so popular among a good number of kids compared to playing their computers, PSP or WII and while this old conventional hobby seems getting unpopular among the youth, parents, teachers and other book - lovers can enforce a passion for reading among our kids.

You can buy or loan children books of short texts but rich with pictures to invite them visually. There are a good number of local bookstores including online bookstores that offer barnes & noble coupons where cheap but quality books are sold.

You can also further motivate your kids if you, as an adult, love also to read. You can read to your kids or read with them an hour or two just before bedtime sleep. Further, you can encourage your kids to read with other kids of their age, so, they can be more motivated.

Reading is fun and beneficial and if we help cultivate a culture for reading, our kids can be well - educated.



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