Saturday, March 31, 2012

Having a Healthy Lifestyle

trail running from Sitio Pao Pao, a 500m - above - sea - level ascent
photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim

Experts warn that stress and sedimentary lifestyle increase chances of health problems including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, obesity among others.

Thus, they suggest a consistent and regular healthy diet and active lifestyle to keep any lifestyle - caused diseases at bay.

Since I could not find any regular companion for a recreational activity, I simply resorted to running. Somehow, my bone problem was addressed and I get to stay fit and healthy.

But, recently I downloaded a free sports tracker, the Endomondo app, for my Blackberry Pearl phone that relies on GPRS signal to measure my statistics. However, the recent trail I covered compromised my Endomondo stats. I only then wish that I can use a reliable signal booster cell phone to keep my stats reliable and accurate.

It is then smarter that I wear my Timex Triathlon watch to complement my cellphone running tracker.


Attending to Family Business

I have been away for several days now and I could only rely on my sister and cousin to help me manage the boutique.

While we have a store attendant, having someone to trust to make sure that the business operation goes well as expected makes the toil of not personally guarding it less worrying.

I just have to ask them, however, to work and to complete the store records with sturdy dowel pin for security and posterity.

I just wish that this summer shall be more productive for our store and for me and that includes finishing the store website and making the sales system operational and available for use.

For now, my sister and I could only keep in touch for updates.


Make You Kids' Summer Productive

photo source:

Now that school is over, we, parents, are lost as to what should our kids do now that summer is up. Well, worry not, because there are local companies or institutions that do provide summer programs for kids.

These are our options:

  • Recreational sports like basketball, soccer or any outdoor game that may interest our kids;
  • Academic boosts through tutorial subjects like English or Math;
  • Music programs including playing a musical instrument or singing;
  • Taking a long vacation;
  • Reading new books;
  • Artistic programs like scrapbook making or drawing;
  • field training like how Jollibee, a national food chain, that trains kids to be young service crew;
When we choose the summer program for our kids, it's best if we consult any summer activity with them to make sure that they will have fun the entire summer.


Teach Your Kids Oral Health

photo source:

I recently had my two molars extracted after several tooth filling. And since I wear now my retainer after an orthodontics treatment to correct my teeth structure, I just have to let go of my adult teeth and use the false teeth with my retainers to keep my teeth full.

However, I could only wish that I had had a healthy oral habit when I was younger, that way, I don't have to endure extractions or braces.

So, how do we actually foster healthy habits to our youngsters? Dentists and hygienists say that we need to teach our kids how to brush properly and to do it twice a day, one in the morning and before sleeping.

Further, we discourage our kids to eat sweet food or drinks like candies or soda as the sweets can encourage plaque build up and tooth decay.

More importantly, our kids shall internalize these oral habits if we, parents, are consistent model of oral health.


Mother's Day Cheap Git Ideas

Come May, most of the countries worldwide shall be celebrating Mother's Day. In the Philippines, this big day is slated every second Sunday of May.

But, mother's day is not just for any biological mom but for anyone including men, teachers, siblings and others who perform beyond their roles motherly duties without due material compensation.

So, if you are lost with what to give to your mom or to anyone who has become a motherly figure to you, you can check out the following inexpensive gift ideas:

  • Home baked or cooked goodies. Surprise your mom with a special treat of cookies, cakes, or viands;
  • Personal service coupons including a body or foot massage, a hair cut, or facial cleaning;
  • Personalized fashion accessories like the charm bracelet charm;
  • Hand-crafted scrapbook, or card;
Remember, whatever gift idea you wish to pursue, the bottom line is you want your mom to be extra happier on her big day!


Homemade Skin Whiteners

I recently purchased a commercialized milk salk skin whitening that claims to be effective to whiten the underarm, bikini lines among others as it nourishes the skin and expoliates. But, we need not to spend if we have the right ingredients at home.

So, try the following home skin whiteners and see the difference:

  • Oatmeal and tomato paste. Mix these and leave the mixture on your face until it dries up. Wash it with water afterwards.
  • Cocumber and lemon juice. Mix these equally and leave this on your skin for 15 minutes. Do this everyday for a month and 2x a week in the succeeding months.
  • Honey and almonds. Mix the water-presoaked almond and make a paste from it. Leave this on your face for 20 minutes. Scrub with water afterwards.
  • Orange peels and milk. Ground dried orange peels, plus enough milk for a paste.
  • Recipe #1: Juice of half a lemon and half a cucumber, and a pinch of turmeric.
  • Flour, lemon, milk cream and turmic. Mix 2 tbsp gram flour, 1/2 tsp lemon, 1/2 tsp milk cream, plus a pinch of turmeric.
  • Lemon juice, tomato juice, cocumber juice, and sandalwood powder. Make an equal parts these ingredients.
  • Egg white. Use the egg white on your face for 10 minutes. You can add a few drops of olive juice and lemon juice.
  • Coconut milk and pineapple juice. Mix equal parts of fresh coconut milk and fresh pineapple juice.

Unlike a commercial skin whitener, these homemade skin bleachers may take time to take effect. Further, some ingredients may cause allergic reactions, thus, you must discontinue your skin bleaching regimen.


Have a Healthy Diet with Your Kids

Experts say that the quality of food that our kids eat relies entirely on what we, the parents, prepare. But, it may be quite a struggle if a family member or two think otherwise.

While I discourage my kid to eat junk food, his pop, however, are into it. It not then surprising that my he and his pop are overweight.

They quite share the same passion for couch games like computer or PSP while I do the running. But, whenever they can, they play together in their inline blades.

It is then important that we cultivate a healthy lifestyle and diet in the family, so, kids will have the hobby of living the tale.

So, control the sugar intake of your kids and encourage them to have an active recreation like basketball or soccer. This way, they will grow healthier and smarter.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home Decor Project: Flooring

We have been staying in my parents' home for a very long vacation and this may run until my kid shall complete his elementary education and that shall be three (3) more years.

So, we wish to make our stay as fun and comfortable as possible and we want to help our parents improve our house through having a flooring project including a garage flooring to make it easier for cleaning and presentable too to guests.

We just have to search for the right design, gather our resources and hire the flooring service men to do the job.

To make the project budget - friendly, we can scout from local stores or even online for the most suitable flooring provider and with the family budget, then, we can have the project realized in no time.


GenSan Run Club Family Raced in Davao Phoenix Marathon

the GenSan Run Club 21KM finishers
GenSan Run Club 5KM and 10KM finishers

The running wacko after the race! Yepey!
We finished the race with pride and honor!

Sixteen (16) runners from GenSan Run Club family had joined the thousand more runners in the recently concluded Davao Phoenix Marathon to raise funds for books in some selected schools of Davao City, and the Sendong - inflicted Cagayan de Oro City.

So, in spite of the travel, budget and unfamiliar terrain, these running fanatics raged the turf until the finish line.

Congratulations, GenSan Run Club family and to the Davao Phoenix Marathon runners and organizers and partners. One successful race to hail!


Running With Family

great dad and daughter tandem on our most recent trail run

with Team Mason Runners and GenSan Run Club Trail Runners

One thing I quite commend is to see a family who shares the same passion for something and that may include recreational games, advocacy and other personal interests.

And, since I am a running fanatic, my husband just has to run with me as my logistic support and photographer. And, the entire running group could only be happier that we have pictures to boost.

But, another commendable effort is to a family of parents and kids running together. Not only that they commonly promote healthy lifestyle, but also they boost stronger family ties.

In parenting, if we want to be closer with our kids, we can use any interesting and safe sports to do that. It is never a shame to play with them.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Slow Family Business

This first quarter of the year has been a very slow one for our boutique but I guess this business sale degrade is also typical to most commercial establishments.

This however requires stronger marketing promotions and I could only think of using information technology to earn that competitive advantage. I started with our store website to promote our product collection but I wish to pair it with other business applications.

With reasonably priced off - shelf software like software testing program, businesses can level up with their business operations through IT.

We could only hope that the slow business months can be compensated this coming quarter. We could only keep our fingers crossed.


Mommy Runner on Runner's World Magazine

the emailed reply from Runner's World Philippines' Managing Editor

I first fall in love with hiking but since my work and schedule don't allow any chance for hiking anymore, I opted for running as my way to strengthen my health and to stay fit.

But, before I became a member of GenSan Run Club, I would just do solitary running along a local mall with less excitement. This scenario had leveled up when I joined trail running along with GenSan Run Club runners.

So, my itch for hiking and running was rightfully subdued and when my partner has to join us and to take our pictures, trail running has become more fun.

We wish to promote General Santos City and other parts of South Cotabato as one of fun running destinations. So, when Runner's World Philippines opened its invitation for local runners, I promptly submitted my piece and the efforts were not vain as we were selected for April 2012 issue.

So, come April, this mommy runner shall be featured in one of the renowned national running magazine!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Trail Running Family Through Glamang Roads

exploring the Glamang greenery area, running a loop of 18km

my regular trail running mates, all soaked from the heavy rain

After a month of trail running break, my trail running family had once filled the unknown areas and the last time was through the terrain of Barangay Glamang, General Santos City.

The early run however made us all soaked from the heavy downpour of rain. And unlike the road run, a rough terrain can be quite a toil for trail runners where the macadam was all slippery and was totally dimmed from dark clouds. Good thing that we had to keep running for 18km to keep us in warm temperature.

When we reached, however, I was shivering from extreme cold that I had to pair my ice therapy with hot coffee and a comforter. I could only wish that I have my very own heated mattress pads to keep me warm and comfortable.

Our registration to an upcoming Davao City's Phoenix Run compelled us to do our regular practice runs, so, come next week, more roads shall be run through and more ice cubes to fill my ice - therapy buckets.


Helping the Indigenous Children of San Jose

the happy Grade 1 pupils of San Jose

GenSan Run Club of General Santos City held the a major fun run to help the indigenous B'laan children of San Jose and Sitio Pao Pao, Sinawal.

We once raised hundreds of slippers and school supplies last December 2011 for Sitio Pao Pao and we want to sustain our assistance through a pending medical - dental mission among others to these IP communities.

Just like what we did for selected Pao Pao children, we gave the race singlets and freebies to the Grade 1 school children of San Jose.

And, come April, we shall finally realize our medical - dental mission. So, if you too wish to help these IP kids, let me know.


Why You Should Lose Weight

Losing weight is not just about looking good but also about taking care of our health from the adverse effects of obesity and overweight. While obesity and overweight seem to be used interchangeably, the former only means that the fat is more compared to the latter.

We can quite know whether we are overweight or obese using the Body Mass Indicator (BMI). And, this BMI is a general indicator of our overall health. You can compute your BMI by determining your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metered squared. BMIs between 25 and 35 for people under 65 - 75 years are considered overweight. And, a BMI over 35 means increasing risk of death and health risks.

So, lose the unwanted weight through exercise, healthy diet and / or weight - loss alternatives like cosmetic surgery or diet pills from myoswell reviews among others.

Remember, however, that before you embark on your weight - loss programs, it is wiser to consult first your doctor for a go signal.


Inspiring Runner

long distance trail running through Glamang Road, General Santos City

photo source:

Running has become a passion to me and I am quite so hooked with trail running that I take every opportunity available for trail running.

We did progressive distance and the last was an 18km through a local barangay area. But, running long distance is always a toil and if there are times that I have to give up, I take the opportunity to rather thank the Lord for the chance to run. And, when I see runners who show exceptional performance in spite of their disability or physical disadvantage like the renowned amputated champion runner Oscar Pistorius, I am only motivated to move on and run harder to reach the finish line.

I am scheduled to run my first official 21km race and I could only pray that I could endure it and reach the finish line without any injury.


Understanding Your Dog Better

photo source:

We prefer dogs over other pets simply because they quite show their loyalty to their master more vividly than most animals.

So, from raising an ordinary dog or what we say an "ASKAL" to having hybrid including the friendly Dalmatian, the smart German Shepherd to the hairy but brave chow - chow, our dogs are part of our family.

Seeing this photo of what dogs mean when they act makes me quite curious. So, you too can confirm if this photo is quite true.


Friday, March 2, 2012

GenSan Run Club Family on Phoenix Run

Our passion has led us to run through various unexplored roads of General Santos City and that made us appreciate the natural beauty of our place and promoted social bonding among GenSan Run Club.

This passion and our advocacy to help once again had brought us to new heights when we registered for an out - of - town run in Davao City for the Phoenix Marathon.

So, we shall be traveling for over 3 hours with our running mate's vehicle. We only wish though that the road to Davao City and back shall be as comfortable as well. Somehow, the vehicle's Rockford Fosgate shall keep us entertained among others.

Further, we pray that our run shall be injury - free and that we will have guaranteed fun from our travel and run.


GenSan Run Club Family Celebrates

with the DSK team on Fellowship Dinner

After the major fun run dubbed as Dagan sa Kalilangan hosted by GenSan Run Club, the DSK could only convene and had fun after weeks of long works and hard day.

We had more than 1500 runners and this turnout was quite unexpected since a week prior to the big day, the total number of registrants was struggling. So, we could only be overwhelmed when the the crowd filled the early streets of Freedom Park, General Santos City.

So, we give our thanks to every runner who joined, sponsors and partners who made the Dagan sa Kalilangan fun and successful.