Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make You Kids' Summer Productive

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Now that school is over, we, parents, are lost as to what should our kids do now that summer is up. Well, worry not, because there are local companies or institutions that do provide summer programs for kids.

These are our options:

  • Recreational sports like basketball, soccer or any outdoor game that may interest our kids;
  • Academic boosts through tutorial subjects like English or Math;
  • Music programs including playing a musical instrument or singing;
  • Taking a long vacation;
  • Reading new books;
  • Artistic programs like scrapbook making or drawing;
  • field training like how Jollibee, a national food chain, that trains kids to be young service crew;
When we choose the summer program for our kids, it's best if we consult any summer activity with them to make sure that they will have fun the entire summer.



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