Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mother's Day Cheap Git Ideas

Come May, most of the countries worldwide shall be celebrating Mother's Day. In the Philippines, this big day is slated every second Sunday of May.

But, mother's day is not just for any biological mom but for anyone including men, teachers, siblings and others who perform beyond their roles motherly duties without due material compensation.

So, if you are lost with what to give to your mom or to anyone who has become a motherly figure to you, you can check out the following inexpensive gift ideas:

  • Home baked or cooked goodies. Surprise your mom with a special treat of cookies, cakes, or viands;
  • Personal service coupons including a body or foot massage, a hair cut, or facial cleaning;
  • Personalized fashion accessories like the charm bracelet charm;
  • Hand-crafted scrapbook, or card;
Remember, whatever gift idea you wish to pursue, the bottom line is you want your mom to be extra happier on her big day!



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