Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Vacation Pit Stop 2: Baguio

at PMA's

Part of our long vacation itinerary is to visit Baguio City and see its wonders. So, after 5 hours of bus travel on their ascending road, we finally hit the place the place  and booked for an overnight stay to enjoy fully this summer capital of the Philippines.

After we had checked in, we had our brunch at SM Baguio, then, headed to Philippine Military Academy. However, we were faced with a strict dilemma, NO SLIPPERS ALLOWED! Good thing though, that there was a  small business nook selling shoes.

The premises of PMA offers a good deal of sight and  I could only wish that I could one day around this compound or simply have a picnic on one of their banquet picnic tables. 

 with a celebrity dog at Mine's View Park

We next headed to Mine's View Park and had a  good deal of their hot food. Gosh! Living in Baguio is like dining in heaven! 

We then grabbed some food for home goodies from the strings of stores along Mine's View. However, the drizzling rain put an immediate halt to our visit.

And, since we had to head to Manila for a 3am bus trip, we commenced the visit with boat ride in Burnham Park and a fancy dinner in a local restaurant. Geez! 

The evening was freezing and we could only wish to have stayed longer.



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