Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gift Ideas for Dad

June is a special month as most countries celebrate Father's Day on the the third Sunday of June and what can be better day to show our love and appreciation to the greatest man of our lives than Father's Day.

So, pamper  your dad with gifts but if you are faced with what to buy or give your pop, try the following gift ideas:

  • Hobbyist collection like if your dad is into a special hobby like fishing, then, a new set of fishing rod and accessories shall be a good start;
  • Personalized crafts like handmade sweat shirt, or embedded family - picture on a coffee mug;
  • Scrapbook or handmade Father's Day card;
  • Special treat like a movie pass with mom, or body massage to his favorite massage parlor;
  • Your own service coupon like giving your pop a hair cut, foot massage or breakfast;
 Remember that any day can be a special one to show to our dad that we care, so,  celebrate Dad in a delicous way  and make your pop extra happier.



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