Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home Remedies for Body Order

Summer is a good time to have fun but with extreme weather temperature, it is not surprising that we sweat a lot but what if  sweat comes with a pungent odor?  You will sure notice that your companions shall have that disapproving look.

So, how do we treat body odor?  Consider the following solutions:

  • You can make use of over - the - counter deodorant;
  • Take a regular bath with anti - bacterial soap;
  • Use clean clothes;
  • Apply lemon, potassium alum. or "tawas" on your armpit and feet as these are  oftentimes the areas where bacteria thrive the most;
  • Apply baking soda to your armpit and foot;
  • Mix 2 drops of tea tree oil and ounce of water. Spray  this on your armpit or feet.
  • Apply a low ph wash for your groin;
  • Apply a apple cider vinegar 5 minutes before shower.
But if your budget would allow it, botox treatment can be used for a 6 - month free of body odor. 



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