Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Right of Families to Clean Water

In a national news, a community in Luzon severely suffers from a serious health condition called Schistosomiasis   where water is infected from waste, and other natural elements.

While this problem on water reservoir is a government concern, the community is called to observe personal hygiene.

The government cited that the water systems partially fail and indeed need appropriate renovation and repair. To avoid future rundown, it is then smarter that the government shall only hire contractor with reputable stature and quality works including hydraulic cartridge  to boot.

Everyone has the right to clean water and all stakeholders must indeed ensure that this right is uphold at all times as health is one of  government priorities, they have to make sure that any condition that may  compromise health should be promptly address.

More importantly, the community must do their obligation of keeping their premises and government facilities  in proper condition.



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