Monday, May 28, 2012

Occasion Wish List

My birthday is soon to come and what can be a better way to celebrate it than to have it with friends. However, giving gifts can be quite a problem in any of the special occasion that requires your attention and care.

So, you can try the following gift ideas:

  • pets if desired;
  • service coupons like a free foot massage;
  • home cooking of his or her favorite foodie;
  • cards like  Photo Christmas Cards  with your sincere thoughts;
  • apparel with your loved ones' own fashion taste;
  • handcrafted accessories;
  • personalized items like shirt with a cute message statement.


Nice Family - Friends Reunion

I promised to visit Zamboanga  City every summer in time for bringing my kid for his long vacation. But, I used the break to visit old friends and hang out with them.

While expenses can be quite a distress,  somehow, the fun of seeing old friends delight me more. So, I hope to see them all again next year.

7 years of friendship and mentoring and still counting

with childhood friends


Have a Family Recreation

We did swimming together with my kid and his dad would normally join us for a swim and what could be a better way to cut weight, do an exercise than to  have a fun recreation with loved ones, so, we can all sustain it.

with my family after a swimming lesson

So, would it be nicer that  we become health conscious collectively? It is then important that the culture for family fun is at home, so, the kids and the spouses can foster their relationship better.
while I run, the kids at home do an inline blades

It is however to be noted that family pursue a fun recreation that they are genuinely interested in. For some, they go magic shows together, childlike - games like YOYO with all the  slick trick, or skill - enhancement workshops like cooking.

So, discuss with your kids and your partner how you can all play together and sustain it. Start from considering each others' interests.


Why You Should Need Swimming

I recently enrolled my kid and myself to a supposedly 15 - day swimming program. But, then our vacation was cut shorter, so, we managed to learn all the swimming techniques: freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly and back stroke.

swimming lessons with my kid and nephews

I somehow did well with butterfly and back stroke but had great difficulty with breaststroke. I initially need a swimming program as a cross training for my upcoming marathon and need for triathlon contest.

But, why do indeed we need swimming over and above safety? Its physical benefits include developing our muscles and strengthening our heart improving our blood circulation and oxygen delivery.

According to Bucknell University, swimming can improve our physical endurance, provides physical balance and helps maintain a healthy weight.

practicing breast stroke technique from our swimming coach

Further, swimming can improve the mental health of pregnant women and individuals addresses stress,  and  it can provide an avenue for differently - abled children to bond with families.

This is a low - impact exercise too that can do well on the pregnant women and the  elderly who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and joint stiffness.


Great Birthday Celebration

May 25 is my partner's birthday and before we could head back to General Santos City, we decided to spend his big day with our common friends.

So, the day started with a 25km long run, reunion with old colleagues, and a dinner with other close friends.

with childhood friends

I wish that he had great time and though we would leave again for GenSan, we had fun vacation time in Zamboanga City.
with other friends too


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Search for a Family Business Space

I have been in my old hometown for over a week now and still in search for a store space where we can have our family boutique be installed.

Zamboanga City is a good place for boutique as people here simply love fashion and style and with our loads of stocks, we can only appreciate an extended branch where we can comfortably manage it.

We shall soon see an old friend, so, we can inquire for a vacancy and later meet local stores too. This will then make me design a feasibility study for economics.

We can only hope that installation and construction be soon done, so, we can scout for contractor, equipment like diamond blades  and some responsible employees to man the branch.

So, we are  are keeping our fingers crossed 


Why You Should Exercise

Fun Runs for Health

In a national  news, an exercise of 1.5 hours a week can reduce risks of different types of cancer including colon, rectum, prostate, endometrium. And, this active lifestyle need not to be extensive as the hours can be broken into three sessions making only a 30 minutes of active workout.

On a study published on the Journal of American Medical Association says that obese people with sedentary life have twice the risk of developing pancreatic cancer as those who are active and not obese. Further, Harvard School of Public states that by mere walking or hiking for at least 1.5 hours a week, can reduce this cancer by 50%.

It is then important that a change in lifestyle, diet and attitude can better motivate us to be proactive and healthier. And, bringing along our friends and/or family to this cause can make the workout more fun and sustaining. 


Is Circumcision Really Important?

Summer is more fun in the Philippines but not to boys who are scheduled to have their required circumcision. My 9 - year - old kid was all set to have his circumcision along with hundreds of boys in Zamboanga City.

We had to tag along with his cousin and friend to boost his confidence but to no avail when his turn was up that he had to wail profusely requiring us to suspend his passage - to - manhood ritual. Circumcision is a thing of pride among boys and for those who are still uncircumcised face the harsh tease and social pressure that it becomes a source of depression and insecurity.

There are however prevailing myths that circumcision shall prevent the risks of paralysis, epilepsy, insanity and practice of masturbation.

A boy on circumcision procedure; photo source:

So, is circumcision really worth the agony and anxiety? Medical expert John S. Wiener, MD, chief of Duke Children’s Division of Urology, shares the following and I quote:

What are these benefits and what are the data to back them up?
  • Prevention of urinary tract infection. Circumcision reduces the incidence in infants boys by up to 10-fold, but it is only a reduction of 1 percent to 0.1 percent. The resulting benefit is not thought to continue at older ages.
  • Prevention of penile cancer. Essentially only uncircumcised men develop this cancer but it is exceeding rare with only 1,500 new cases yearly in the U.S.
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Earlier reports of circumcision preventing common STDs such as gonorrhea and syphilis have not held up to scrutiny. Several recent reports from Africa have shown a 50 percent reduction in new HIV infections in adult men undergoing circumcision, but the relevance of this data to infant circumcision in the U.S. -- which has a much lower prevalence of HIV -- is unknown.
  • Prevention of problems that may require circumcision at a later age. Little data exists of the need for circumcision at an older age due to infection beneath the foreskin (balanitis) or inability to retract the foreskin (phimosis), but the highest estimates are 10 percent.
While debate continues whether circumcision is indeed required, medical practitioners highly recommend that circumcision shall be given to boys age 7 - 12 years old for hygiene and medical reasons. 

As parent of a boy, I am anxious of the procedure but the health benefits simply outweigh this anxiety, however, I must prepare my kid mentally for this ordeal and acquiring  a health service of a more sympathetic circumcision surgeon is more we need.


Is Circumcision Necessary? 

The Benefits of Male Circumcision



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Family Business

My mom finally gave up her furniture business of over a decade and while it breaks her heart to let go of her business, she has to venture out to less risky endeavor and to less - draining job.

So, just within our family compound, she builds a small convenience store to sell some home goodies in the locality. It is a good thing that my pop helps her out and my younger sibling finances this new business to keep them busy and to be economically independent.

Good thing that our carpenters have their own equipment and power tools including lamello plate joiner to make the job easier and faster.

We just have to maximize the store and sell what is most needed by the neighborhood and to have some efficient and effect management systems to keep the business going. 


The World's Shortest Personality Test

You Are Trustworthy

You are nurturing, kind, and lucky.

Like mother nature, you want to help everyone.

You are good at keeping secrets and tend to be secretive.

A seeker of harmony, you are a natural peacemaker.

You are good natured and people enjoy your company.

You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.



Home Remedies for Common Pains

I have been working on my notebook to  complete the store website but the number of hours sitting has made me all numb that I could barely move a leg or reach with my arm.

Over - the - counter medications like aspirin or ibuprofen  seem to be a welcoming relief but knowing that there are side effects associated to these medicines, I can only rummage through the kitchen and search for some natural remedies.

Check out the following Home Remedies for common pains:

  • Green tea for antihistamines, stomach upset, and extra protection against hypertension, certain types of cancer, and speeds up recovery after a heart attack;

  • Apple Cider Vinegar in treating blisters and for heart burn.
  • Chamomile Tea for digestion problems;
  • Tart Cherry Juice for muscle pains;
  • Ginger  or pepper for  stomach and/ or sore throat problems:
  • Turmeric for joint pains;
  • Honey, Potato, Mustard and Aloe vera for burns;
  • Lemon Juice and Carrot Juice to prevent and to cure body pains;
  • Hot baths for body pains or cold bath for new injuries;
  • Fenugreek leaves for anemia;
  • Lukewarm water with salt or vinegar for sore throat;
  • Body oil with some mint for a body massage;
  • REST
These are however don't replace medical treatment for severe conditions or for persisting pains. 


Home Remedies for Body Ache

Top 10 Best Home Remedies For The Most Common Aches, Pains & Health Concerns


Store Website: Leveraging Your Family Business

Now that summer is free from school classes, I maximize the break with some business works  including  some paper reports, inventory, and store website among others.

Kreativ Boutique website home page

We wish that with this new medium of reaching out to our valued stakeholders, we get to market more the family business and let it thrive better.

However, this store website is one of the things we need for the business and among the other things we need include professional liability insurance at  for extra protection and security.

So, if you too wish to promote your family business,  consider acquiring a store website for better reach to your customers.


Fun Trail Running for Zipline

 Trail Runners on Cable and Zipline Ride

We ended the month of April with a long hill run to Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo, in Barangay Olympog, General Santos City for the latest zipline and cable ride services.

So, in spite of the steep ascent of 2000 feet to peak, we hurdled the rough terrain with tenacity and reached the peak early morning of Monday. The cool breeze was soothing and the panoramic sight delighted us more.

We highlighted the run, with a 800m and 350m zipline and some warm chicken broth breakfast.  For more of  Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo, check them out in Facebook.