Monday, May 28, 2012

Have a Family Recreation

We did swimming together with my kid and his dad would normally join us for a swim and what could be a better way to cut weight, do an exercise than to  have a fun recreation with loved ones, so, we can all sustain it.

with my family after a swimming lesson

So, would it be nicer that  we become health conscious collectively? It is then important that the culture for family fun is at home, so, the kids and the spouses can foster their relationship better.
while I run, the kids at home do an inline blades

It is however to be noted that family pursue a fun recreation that they are genuinely interested in. For some, they go magic shows together, childlike - games like YOYO with all the  slick trick, or skill - enhancement workshops like cooking.

So, discuss with your kids and your partner how you can all play together and sustain it. Start from considering each others' interests.



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