Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our New Family Store

My parents had finally put up a convenience store to at least aid them in their financial needs. So, from a seed capital from my sister, they were able to build a small structure to address common household needs. They have our own home refrigerator relocated to the new store, some racks including  pallet rack  to hold their stocks.

This new venture would mean small income compared to the old furniture business that they built but at least they don't have to pay for rent and they have something to do with their idle time.

I can only wish though that this new family business shall prosper and be sustained for long.


Fostering a Culture of Healthy Living

My run club family has expanded and thanks to  regular trail running and fun runs, we have now a weekly night run. And this is quite essential since those who barely can rise in the morning can still do their required workout in the evening. 

But, what I find more significant is the fact  that family shares the same passion for healthy living. And, this is quite evident when a fellow running mate had to bring his daughter or son to join us in an easy night run.
Good thing though that we have a support system that tags along with us to make sure that the kid can just hop to the vehicle for required stop.
The running father  and daughter on a night run

It is unsurprisingly encouraging that family shares the same culture, so, the kids too can sustain the passion.


Happy Father's Day!

It  is June 17, the third Sunday of   June, an it is hailed for all the dads in the world.  So, my greetings to all the fathers out there.

Fathers Day graphic comments


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

June has finally arrived and with this special comes the big day for our dad. So, if you too are lost with what to give to your dad, you can try the following gift ideas:

  • service coupon for a free foot massage, hair wash or car wash;
  • vacation trip if you can afford;
  • favorite perfume like the outremer   perfume to check with;
  • hobbyist plaything like if your dad likes fishing, then, a new fishing rod will be good;
  • dinner or luncheon date with your pop;
  • novel of his liking;
  • homemade crafts like a sweater, personalized mug or shirt.
Whatever you desire for your dad, remember that your sincerity and love everyday matters most. 


Teach Your Kids of Learning Habits

Now that classes are up and rolling again, our kids are faced again with school pressure. But, we can somehow  help them by instilling to them that learning can be fun too.

We don't want our kids to spend much of  their time playing with their friends or their entertainment gadgets. So, we make firm rules about playing time (eg 1 hour) especially during school days.

Also, having a talk with our  kids with the importance of setting  rules and keeping good grades will make them appreciate our intention and make all the efforts easier.

Further,  having a group of friends who equally value school can motivate our kids to also do well.  More importantly, designate an hour or so for making their assignments.


Make Your Home Child - Friendly

I remember when my kid was still young; Since he was left to his nanny during daytime while we work, we just had to make sure that he was safe at all cost.

photo source:

So, how can we make your home child proof? We can do the following:

  • Cover all electrical outlets with an outlet cover or seal it with a magnetic tape;
  • Keep all little things like marble, pens, pins, clips away from the child's reach;
  • Create a pen, so, when you need to leave your kid, he / she is at least secured;
  • Keep all electrical cords under  cord management;
  • If your house is with a  stairs, it can be smarter if a barricade can be made against it;
  • Keep all kitchen liquids or medicines away from kid;
  • Learn first aid as this can be useful at anytime needed;
  • Have a first aid kit for any emergency;


Lose Weight Faster with Zumba

For months now, the gym is scheduled with zumba session and unlike my running, this zumba is consuming every bit of me with all the fast moves it has. But, I still feel soggy on my upper extremities that I join every zumba session possible.

Zumba is a good dancing exercising for the heart but it may do you less if you don't maximize its move. So, glad that our zumba session is heavy that I feel panting.

So, how much calories are actually burned after a session? For my end, I burned around 500 calories for an extensive 60 - minute zumba.

You can calculate your calories too, using this calculator.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helping the Street Kids

Running along Zamboanga City Boulevard but seeing the sleeping street children on the ramp

During the course of my vacation in Zamboanga City, I spent the time with running through the landmarks of the city. And, while I take pride with its beauty, I can't help but notice as well the lapses she has, the street kids.

So, I could only wish to run an ultramarathon around Mindanao to raise funds across cities that I may help the street  kids in these cities and support a national group catering to street children.

While this shall be a major project and will take a magnitude of resources, but,  I am hopeful that my fellow Filipinos shall be passionate about helping these kids. Perhaps, in three (3) - five (5) years, I can materialize this wish.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.