Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helping the Street Kids

Running along Zamboanga City Boulevard but seeing the sleeping street children on the ramp

During the course of my vacation in Zamboanga City, I spent the time with running through the landmarks of the city. And, while I take pride with its beauty, I can't help but notice as well the lapses she has, the street kids.

So, I could only wish to run an ultramarathon around Mindanao to raise funds across cities that I may help the street  kids in these cities and support a national group catering to street children.

While this shall be a major project and will take a magnitude of resources, but,  I am hopeful that my fellow Filipinos shall be passionate about helping these kids. Perhaps, in three (3) - five (5) years, I can materialize this wish.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.



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