Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make Your Home Child - Friendly

I remember when my kid was still young; Since he was left to his nanny during daytime while we work, we just had to make sure that he was safe at all cost.

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So, how can we make your home child proof? We can do the following:

  • Cover all electrical outlets with an outlet cover or seal it with a magnetic tape;
  • Keep all little things like marble, pens, pins, clips away from the child's reach;
  • Create a pen, so, when you need to leave your kid, he / she is at least secured;
  • Keep all electrical cords under  cord management;
  • If your house is with a  stairs, it can be smarter if a barricade can be made against it;
  • Keep all kitchen liquids or medicines away from kid;
  • Learn first aid as this can be useful at anytime needed;
  • Have a first aid kit for any emergency;



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