Monday, July 30, 2012

New Family Business

My sister and her family along with our parents had finally decided to pursue a food business by  opening a fast - food store just around our home. They have been working on the store's renovation to have a better impression of the food stall and perhaps in few days, they can finally have it operational with the family recipe on the house.

 Good thing that the family is helping out with the construction and good thing that there are local and online stores for some commercial and home furniture and fixtures including diy cabinets  for convenient buying.

We wish that this new venture will succeed and hope we can sustain it for good. So, wish us luck.


Promote Family Recreation

with my family for healthy lifestyle
My kid and husband lead a sedentary lifestyle while I pursue running and healthy diet. So, when my husband finally had his new bike, we join him in an hour or two of fun biking around the city.

Not only that it promotes bonding, it makes sure that any weight - loss program can be sustained as we are joined by our loved ones.

So, if you wish to have a family recreation, simply look for one that shall delight the rest of your family members.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Give Me a Music Player Please

I shall soon be running a 60 - kilometer route from General Santos City to Koronadal City on July 13 to 14 along with other running fanatics.

This has been considered as a symbolic run since the old locals of General Santos City formerly known Dadiangas would travel in late evening to Marbel (the old name of Koronadal).

So, with this impending long distance, I could only wish that I can finally have a music player since my last SONY MP3 was lost while my latest player got busted.

I know there local and online store that sell music gadgets including my mp3  to boot.

For now, I can only use my iPod for some music while running. But, to anyone who wish to donate their old music player, consider me please.


An Old Family Picture

The Lim Family
I saw this old picture of my husband's family on the father side taken sometime 1950s and I can't help but appreciate the safekeeping of this old picture.

Now that my kid is older, we can only show off this old picture so he can appreciate his family.

Good thing that social network like Facebook is around and with that, we get to share this picture with the rest of the family.


Exposing Your Kid to Music

I never had a talent for music and since poverty restricted us to train or to enroll to acquire music skills, we can only remain to appreciate others instead of us actually doing any musical instrument.

Good thing though that my husband is into singing and baritone instrument, we somehow wanted our kid to try violin. 

But, what can music really do to us and especially to our kids? While experts divide on their contention that music is good for the brain, I personally believe that music is good for the soul and character. Not only that playing a musical instrument can boost self confidence, it can also teach discipline and hard work.  

So, any play of musical instrument from pro tools 9 shall be a good boost.

More importantly, family should be in full support, so, kids can start with their passion for music and sustain it until they grow old.


Family on Ultra Marathon

with the running participants for Ultra Marathon
Since my graduate school class required me to take the exam during the marathon schedule I simply  resorted to running with other fanatics but then on  60km route from General Santos City to Koronadal City.

My husband - photographer shall join me and other attendees on late evening of July 13 until early morning of July 14. 

And, since I have my weekend class in Koronadal City, from the race, I shall go straight to my class. 

So, I hope I can only make through since Sunday shall be my examination date too.  


Are You Socially Anxious?

Your Social Anxiety Level: 16%
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You're well adjusted and likely quite outgoing. Your social skills put others at ease.


Family on Fun Cross Training

father teaching his kid how to swim

When I first decided to train for marathon, I picked out swimming as my cross train and I could only be happier that I spend my swimming hours with my own family for fun and bonding time.

But, now that time is spent on store and school, I had to put off my cross train and even my running hours to prioritize my job functions among others.

So, while we keep our swimming time on hold, I have to hide all our swimming accessories including  surf bracelets until the next swim. Family bonding can be spent in any recreational activity or in any form and our kids can only be much happier.


The Entire Philippines Mourns for Comedian Dolphy

The entire country was caught off guard as Dolphy, one of the strongest pillars of film industry, has passed away. He  died last July 10, 2012 at the age of 83.

His wake is at the Heritage park for public viewing and various celebrities continue to give tribute to this legendary man of entertainment.

Dolphy, King of Comedy, 1928 - 2012 
I could quite remember my younger years watching the strings of movies of Dolphy and as a kid I could only hope to watch either animated movies or the funny movies of Dolphy.

We watched closely the national news for his medical updates and we were somehow relieved that his medication went well until an unexpected news of his death overwhelmed us.

We are in mourning for a great loss and he will be forever remembered for his humility, talents,  and funny  persona.


The Weather Office Warn the Philippines of Rainy July

July weather forecast for Manila from   

As I type, the sky is gloomy with a high probability of rain and it has been a rainy week since the start of July and a check on its month - long weather prediction only dismayed me.

So, the debate to have the classes opened in September continued to persist simply because the months of June, July and August are rainy months that do hamper regular classes.

It is not surprising that classes and office or factory works are put off because of the heavy rains or students and workers in  cherokee workwearare soaked in cold rain or knee deep with flood.  I just hope that the bad weather won't make the students  or employees sick.  For complete weather  forecast, you can check the Pagasa website.


ABS-CBN Kapamilya Run: A Total Success

Thanks to General Santos City Police Office' initiative, fun runs have been a regular activity in SOCCSKSARGEN  and private organizations including ABS-CBN held a fun run last July 8, 2012 for charity.

More than 2000 runners had registered and a good number of VIPs including the city mayor Darlene Antonio swarmed the morning streets as they completed  1.6KM, 3KM, 5Km and 10KM category.

The run was a total success that an impending 2nd leg shall be held next year. Watch the news coverage on this link.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning for a New Home

When I decided to relocate to my old hometown, my kid and I simply chose to stay with my parents at my old room. So, in  spite of the constricted space, we simply endure the set up for over a two years.

The situation even became more serious when my parents had to give up their old business that I had to help support the entire family.

And now, my other sibling and her family  is within the family compound, thus, the crowd becomes bigger and noisier.

While there are perks to staying with your biological family, somehow, living independently makes more sense. So, I can only wish that I can have my own place to house my family and to furnish it with our own stuffs including flat screen tv stands that we may enjoy privacy and peace at anytime.

I hope next year, we can find resources to build our own place.


Family Business Expansion for Us

Kreativ Family Salon 
Our wish has finally come true and that means realizing another branch of our family boutique. But, this time, we diversified to include a family salon and other apparel services to attend to our target market's needs.

frontage of Kreativ Boutique II
With everyone's support, we hope to sustain this new project. So, come July 18, we shall be officially open to all!


Family and Friends Join ABS - CBN Kapamilya Run 2012

July 8, 2012 was a big day for General Santos City as a regional network of ABS - CBN held the biggest fun run this year where around 3000 had officially registered.

So, families and friends had filled the morning streets of Generals Santos City as proceeds shall be for the Bantay 163 Foundation of the network.

With fellow running fanatics of Team Matutum
Various running categories including 10km, 5km, 3km, and 1.6km were swarmed by running enthusiasts and advocacy supporters.

The city mayor, Darlene Antonino - Custodio, graced the run with her 3km category.  Hundreds of VIPs  from other industries also did not fail  to enlist and to be a part of this 1st Kapamilya Run.

with blogger - friends
We only hope that next year shall be its grandest fun run! Congrats to all runners and organizers.
Warming up for the run