Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exposing Your Kid to Music

I never had a talent for music and since poverty restricted us to train or to enroll to acquire music skills, we can only remain to appreciate others instead of us actually doing any musical instrument.

Good thing though that my husband is into singing and baritone instrument, we somehow wanted our kid to try violin. 

But, what can music really do to us and especially to our kids? While experts divide on their contention that music is good for the brain, I personally believe that music is good for the soul and character. Not only that playing a musical instrument can boost self confidence, it can also teach discipline and hard work.  

So, any play of musical instrument from pro tools 9 shall be a good boost.

More importantly, family should be in full support, so, kids can start with their passion for music and sustain it until they grow old.



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